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World Tree

One day left to invest for $1,250

on Feb 13 2020

There is just one day left for those of you who want to invest at our temporary minimum of $1,250. This will fund half an acre of trees that will drawdown up to 500 tons of carbon over the next 10 years.

I really want you to hear as many of the voices of World Tree as possible. Last week I shared our story, as told by our farmers. This week, we have a video of our Chief Operations Officer doing a keynote presentation at the Sustainatopia conference in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Cathy Key has been my right-hand person for the last five years. She has a PhD in Anthropology, has a brilliant perspective on creating cooperative business models that has become the foundation of the Eco-Tree Program. This 15 minute video will give you a whole new perspective on the program:

Our WeFunder investors fund $500,000 - and counting

This week we reached a major milestone: over 160 investors have funded $500,000. Here are some of the comments from our investors about WHY they have chosen to participate:

“Love the idea. Ability to earn money while protecting the environment.” - Vera Demchenk

“I believe in a diversified portfolio, and having an asset that is completely uncorrelated with the markets. But more importantly, I believe in the greater good and contributing to that effort in whatever way I can. This investment opportunity checks those boxes and participating in World Tree feels good!!! 🤓” - Barry Haines

“Passionate about the environment. I believe it is a very good investment.” - Irina Mollokwu

“To reduce our environmental impact and make a sustainable investment with a return. Pleased to have contributed towards being part of the solution.” - Debbie Flynn

Love your environment

February 14th will be World Tree’s 18th Birthday, and as you know, Valentine’s Day. It’s the very last day to invest at our lowered minimum of $1,250 so don’t leave it to the last minute - invest now! This is an incredible opportunity to take part in this wonderful movement for less. We would like everyone to be able to participate in our shared mission - together we will make a difference