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World Tree

The Three Ls: Love, Listen and…… Lower!?

on Jan 31 2020

Hello Fellow Climate Saving Superheroes,

  What do you do when you receive an overwhelming response on Wefunder and social media sites regarding the current price point of our investment? Well, for starters - you listen.

 A very vocal group of World Tree followers and supporters have been asking for a lower minimum investment amount. You told us that you wanted to get involved, but for some people a $2,500 investment is out of reach.

  We want you to know that we’ve heard you, and we’re very pleased to announce that for a limited time we’re lowering our minimum investment on Wefunder! From now until February 14th you can invest for a minimum of $1,250, which will fund half an acre of Empress trees.

  World Tree was originally founded on Valentine’s Day so it feels very appropriate to make this available during this season of love. Typically known for big flower purchases and chocolate dipped what-have-yous, we believe that this time of year is a perfect reminder to take stock on all that we love in this world. As for gifts, I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Mother Earth herself. 

  Starting now and until February 14th, you’ll be able to invest from as little as $1,250 (which funds half an acre) on Wefunder. Up until now, some of you have not been able to participate in this global movement. Or maybe you’ve thought about purchasing further units but have not had the means to do so. This offer also affords many of you the opportunity to purchase now if you’ve been holding off or waiting.

  As you can imagine, we’re extremely pumped about this. This will just be for a limited time and we want everyone to be included. Love is meant to be inclusive after all and, as I am sure you can tell, World Tree loves love.

“Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love” - Nelson Rockefeller

P.S. If you do invest, or share this news, please write a comment about who/what you love most in our world. We would love to share some of your answers on our social media (and it brings a smile to our faces reading what you have to say).