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Keto Diet and Fusion Energy and Industrial Revolution

on Jan 10 2020
Ivy studied mathematics and classical music in the former Yugoslavia and received a degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, SUNY in 2003 before joining LPPFusion in 2010.

You heard of nutrient dense foods.  Maybe you heard of dense energy foods and Keto diet too.  Whether you're talking foods calories or energy for our homes, transportation and industries - the energy density determines the mass of the energy source you need!  Just one gram of fat gives you nine calories - so in Keto diet people eat more fats and so need less carbs/protein. The  Fusion Energy future is like being able to drop out all other less dense energy sources (wood, oil gas, coal) for good - while completely saving the environment from pollution and deforestation! Think DETOX  as an (un)intended consequence of using higher density energy.  

  Calories, joules and kWh can be converted into each other - energy is energy no matter what units you use. Energy Density = Energy / Mass.  The more dense the energy source you consume the less mass of that fuel you need. Fusion pB11 fuel has highest energy density... what does that mean? It means more bang for the buck ... or rather more kWh or calories for your $.   You don't need to transport billions of barrels of oil, you can get by on few kilograms of pB11 fusion fuel.  Also means no oil spills in the oceans, and less air pollution from coal.  Really Fusion Energy is the only energy that can completely and safely replace ALL fossil fuels for  b i l l i o n s  of years to come.  Did we mention no melt-downs are possible and no nuclear waste is produced with our Focus Fusion Generator yet? ;)

This image depicts the mass vs density of fuels.  Remember when wood was the primary energy source? No you don't - you weren't alive then... but when it was in the centuries leading up to 1800s ... it led to massive deforestation, esp in Europe.  

Look at the amount of mass you need for 5MW power.  Forget the size of the fossil fuels cubes and wood needed for 5MW power ... look at the zoom in of Uranium vs pB11!  I'll post more about energy density and deforestation and what that has to do with Industrial Revolution that happened in the 18th century.  Just keep in mind this 5kg of pB11 fuel is a bigger market disruption than coal, oil and gas were TOGETHER when they replaced wood as a main energy source...  "Flip The Power"