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Medford Brewing Company

Latest updates 10-18-19

on Oct 18 2019

Hey All,

Sorry if we've been quiet over at Medford Brewing but we have been crazy busy.  We launched a new beer this week,  ( Sorry the case of beer perk is only for beer made in OUR brewery and packaged for off site distribution) and we've already had pre-sales of over 90 cases or 2,160 pints.   

The bigger news, we have a location we really like in Medford Square, it has NOT been finalized so we cannot disclose the location but lets just say if it all works out it ticks 9 out of 10 of the boxes.   We hope to make a formal announcement in the next two weeks.   If this location doesn't work we do have a fallback option too.

Oh and the perks T-shirts have all been ordered and will hopefully be out for delivery in the next couple of weeks.  

More news to come.