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Update On Closing Our Round

on Sep 30 2019
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What's happening behind the scenes: We've surpassed our $1.07 million funding goal and are severely oversubscribed! To accommodate everyone, we've opened a parallel round for accredited investors with the exact same price, terms, and contract. 

We appreciate everyone's patience as we sort through this process - each accredited investor has to be verified individually, and so the transition period can take longer to close than a normal round. Once we have the final list of investors we can send out thank you emails which will also include information about your perks! :)

We're hoping to confirm investments in the next few weeks! Ideally, we'll transition enough investments to leave room in Reg CF for our remaining investors, but in the event we have to cancel your investment, you will be issued a full refund including fees. 

Why transition? Switching your investment to the concurrent Reg D round is a benefit to everyone - you'll free up room in the Reg CF campaign for other investors, there are no fees in a Reg D campaign, and Caribu will get to raise more money. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the Reg D. Happy to get those answered quickly for you.