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TBJ Gourmet

Best Condiment QVC - Vote!!!!

on Jul 16 2019
Opened his first restaurant at 23 and has been leading teams of passionate food professionals since.

This is just a quicky. I will be going back on QVC this Wednesday (7/17) at around 5 pm. We have also been nominated for the best condiment on QVC. This is a big deal as it will get us on a big food show if we win. Go to this link and scroll down to Best Condiment. Vote and share. winning gets us on a big food show in September. I like winning. there are no restrictions to voting so go ham.

We have on-boarded yet another foodservice distributor, GFS, and will have our full line available through their network of 5,000 sales reps servicing 100,000 restaurants nationwide. We have received our second order from another foodservice distributor and are increasing our bulk packaged production to meet demand. I expect foodservice growth to ramp up significantly in Q4