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Border X Brewing LLC


on Mar 4 2019
Experienced technology manager and craft beer entrepreneur.

Border X Bell was OVERWHELMED at Saturday Grand Opening

Hello Border X investors, I wanted to send a quick message about our Grand Opening this last Saturday March 2nd.  Saturday we proved that ALL communities want a place where they can be treated great, where the beers are brewed to their tastes, where they can be stimulated by local artwork and music.  Saturday we proved that our brand scales, our beers are delicious and the communities we join want us to be there.  Saturday, the world changed for Border X Brewing and we are now fast tracking our strategies.

Ribbon Cutting with my Mother and Father, two nephews, brother and our development partners Diego (far left) and his wife Natalya (Far Left)

From the moment we opened, we had 4 lines for beer working as fast as possible, and hosted over 2-2.5k people throughout our opening from 1:00-11:00. It NEVER stopped! Most of our infrastructure held up well, but we definitely need more registers, more taps and we need to make some repairs. We definitely pushed it to the limit.

There will be more art coming and details, but we LOVE our tasting room. Originally we thought it was too big, at our grand opening it now feels WAY TOO small!  Note the artwork from local artists along the edges of the tables. It's just the start, art will go below the bar, and along some of the walls.