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Seven Stills

Growth Objectives

on Feb 24 2019

What we’re trying to accomplish

Our number one objective is to grow our beer business  in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  

This includes opening taprooms, hosting cleanups in our neighborhood, and working very closely with local companies.  

We are not attempting to overextend ourselves by hiring a sales force, logistics, and drivers for outside of our home turf.  

Whiskey will maintain our “cool and differentiating” factor but is not our primary growth objective.

Our Goal

Our goal is to produce and sell 50K BBL of beer per year in the Bay Area exclusively through our taprooms, local bars, restaurants and retail locations before expanding to the greater California markets.

Path to Goal

2018 was our first year packaging and selling beer, and we sold roughly 5,000 BBL.  We believe we can reach our 50K BBL/year target within three years, but are very optimistic that several of our sales channels, i.e. 100 Hooper and relationships with corporate offices and sports teams will help us reach this goal even sooner.

Forecasted Revenues:

15k BBL: $6,643,566/year distributed + $9,000,000 DTC
30k BBL: $13,287,132/year distributed + $12,000,000 DTC
50k BBL: $22,145,221/year distributed + $13,200,000 DTC
75k BBL: $33,217,832/year distributed + $14,400,000 DTC

Projected Multiplier

Projected Valuation at Growth Levels

This of course is hypothetical but is meant to illustrate our goals and paths to our plans to first grow our business in our home market and to second expand our business to other key markets in the United States.

Thank you again for all of your support!

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