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Lowest Fee Debit-Card in a Multi-Billion Industry means a fast growth company


reserved of a $50,000 goal


No monthly fee, No inactivity fee, No minimum monthly balance required
Beta IOS and Android apps on Apple App Store and Google Play
FDIC insured for up to $250.000 and DIF insured to cover over millions of dollars per customer
Growing number of Customers using our physical cards

Our Team

Finally, The Fastest and Lowest Fee Reloadable Debit-Card is Here!

Having witnessed the underprivileged been suppressed by financial institutions with unfair and derisive terms. Some of which include unnecessarily high credit card rates, high fees debit cards, high fees payday loans, and high check cashing fees.

These reasons account for why the company is working to give the underprivileged and working class support, by reducing fees and rates as much as possible.

We have done intensive research, figured out exactly the best way to address the issues and finally, we are proposing a lasting solution. Hold on while we break it down.

The founding members, being black immigrants themselves, having firsthand experience with the ravaging financial practices of businesses on the working class, especially the disadvantaged, worked using their expertise and technological experience, networks and systems, finances and entrepreneurial know-how to provide a solution of developing the lowest cost prepaid and reloadable debit card in the market.

Did you know that 48.9 million Americans are underbanked, and nearly 14.1 million are unbanked? This $4.5 billion industry remains untapped due to people’s lack of access to affordable and attainable banking services. Moreover, the global prepaid card market size was valued at $1.73 trillion in 2019, and is projected to reach $6.87 trillion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 18.2% from 2021 to 2030.

MEET THE TRAILBLAZER; UnlimitedIA prepaid debit card.

UnlimitedIA debit card

The UnlimitedIA debit card promises to be the world’s first, cheapest, fastest, and hair-on-fire prepaid and reloadable debit card issued to customers.

The UnlimitedIA debit card is a virtual and physical stored value card. It works hard to provide financial services for the working class, financially disadvantaged, disenfranchised communities, and the underprivileged - especially the unbanked or underbanked, at the lowest possible fees very far off from the typical prepaid debit cards. We are cut out to massively improve the Cost and ensure instant availability of prepaid cards.

HOW EXACTLY DOES THE UnlimitedIA debit card WORK?

It is really simpler than you thought. It comes in Google android and IOS, downloadable in both the Google and Apple Play Stores. To use, Simply download the app and launch it, and create the card within minutes by providing basic information such as:

  • The user’s name,
  • Cellphone number
  • Email
  • Home Address are needed.

The card comes with a US bank account. Money deposited on the card is stored in USD. From within the app, users can do standard banking transactions like checking balances, transferring funds, viewing recent transactions, pausing (suspend) or un-pausing the card or contacting customer service and support.

The card is readable through a variety of super-simple ways. So when we say that this is groundbreaking and all-encompassing, the quality we are proposing surpasses the claims.


  • Comes with a US bank account (including routing number and bank account number) the card can be used for things like direct deposits from employers, government benefits, EFT transfers, ACH transfers, and SWIFT transfers.
  • Money deposited on the card is FDIC-insured for up to $250.000 per customer.
  • For funds above the FDIC limit, funds are insured by DIF to cover tens of millions of dollars (or more) per customer.
  • The UnlimitedIA card does not require a security deposit to create.
  • The UnlimitedIA card does not require a minimum monthly balance.
  • The UnlimitedIA card does not charge a monthly fee.
  • The UnlimitedIA card does not charge an inactivity fee.
  • There is a one-time $9.99 fee to set up and create each card.
  • There is no processing fee to create the card.
  • No credit is required to create a card.
  • Withdrawals can be done online or in-person
  • Funds can also be transferred in and out of the card using the card number or the associated bank account number.


In a nutshell, OUR MISSION at Unlimited Industries Associates, Inc is to provide financial services to the working class, financially disadvantaged, disenfranchise communities and the underprivileged - especially the unbanked or underbanked, at the lowest possible fees.

Working with a clear mission to satisfy the concerned audience, makes things easier for the company to achieve its goals and for the company to be successful.

UnlimitedIA already have contract with bank, card issuer and platform company.

With this reloadable debit card in a multi billion dollar industry, it means the company is positioned for exponential growth in the market sector. Application already created and with Beta IOS and Android apps on Apple App Store and Google Play.



The best and most promising action to take is to be involved now. Investing now in the company while it is still small for a massive return would be ideal. The company is promising and will certainly grow exponentially.