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Censorship-free Web Browser and Search Engine with an emphasis on Free Speech

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I'm investing in Tusk because our First Amendment Right to Free Speech is under the attack of big tech oligarchs. Until Americans from both sides of the aisle come together to build a Free Speech Search Engine, Free Speech will remain the hostage of Big Tech. We fully understand the monumental task in front of us. However, we're Americans. Together, there's nothing We, The People, can't accomplish. I ask you to join us as we build the world's first search engine based 100% on Free Speech.


MILESTONE: 40,000+ downloads in 6 months
118M (36%) of all Americans are Conservative
U.S. Search Industry Ad REVENUE is massive: $78.3 billion in 2021
Integrity: Designed FOR Conservatives, BY CONSERVATIVES

Our Team

With the belief in free speech and individual liberty for all, we are on a mission to protect a free and open internet, starting with a web browser, news feed and search.

Disrupting Big Tech to Defend Free Speech and Win Back the White House

Can you find Fox News, Breitbart, Daily Wire, Washington Examiner, and other right-leaning digital news platforms in your search results? Take, for example, a search for 'Jan 6' as seen below.

Search any issue and Left media dominates! Right media is buried.

Where is Fox News, Breitbart, Epoch Times, NY Post, Washington Examiner, Newsmax, OANN, Daily Wire and other right media?

Biased search results affect elections! The Biden stories that were suppressed affected the political views of voters and handed Democrats a digital win maybe even an election win. This must be stopped before the next election if Conservatives hope to regain the Presidency.

Recent TOP NEWS from TUSK news feed: Biden Admin Regularly Coordinated With Facebook, Twitter To Censor Users, Records Show

The Solution is TUSK Browser & Search

A two-part formula to take back control of the Internet from Big Tech.

1. TUSK Browser

The TUSK Browser app, available now on mobile and desktop devices, is the Web browser to disrupt the bias and censorship problems.

2. TUSK Search

TUSK Search, in development with a prototype now available, is a search engine without liberal bias and provides censorship-free results for Conservative news outlets. Giving Americans easy access to the truth will assure a Republican victory for 2024 and years ahead.

Target Market

The target opportunity is Conservatives worldwide. With over 120M people, our core target audience is U.S. Conservatives ages 18 and up. The broader target is the U.S. populous ages 13 and up that want more control and an alternative to Big Tech in their day-to-day online activities, particularly with their searches.

Now is there a market for Free Speech apps? A resounding yes indeed! Free Speech apps are here to stay. Take Rumble, for example, it launched 2013 and today has 44M users and is valued at $500M. Another is MeWe, it launched 2012, today has 16M users. And Truth Social , launched earlier this year and already has 2M users.

Part of A New Ecosystem of Free Speech Tech Companies

Joining successful companies like Rumble (with 44M monthly active users) and others, TUSK complements the new ecosystem of Free Speech apps that provide real alternatives to the mainstream liberal brands from Big Tech companies.

TUSK provides the functions of Google, Chome and DuckDuckGo without all the censorship!

Strategic Advisory Group

To ensure TUSK is guided to success, strategic advisory group bring their wealth of knowledge, experience and connections to the table.

Matt Schlapp, often interviewed on Fox News, brings 8 years' experience as Chairman of the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) and served as White House Political Director in the George W. Bush Administration.

Mercedes Schlapp joins her husband Matt and is a Senior Fellow at the American Conservative Union Foundation and regularly hosts the online show America UnCanceled on CPAC NOW. She brings much experience having worked in The White House for two different presidential administrations in senior level positions.

Ryan McGowan, since 2016, holds a top finance position at the American Conservative Union (ACU/CPAC) and brings experience in accounting and management consulting in the areas of IPO readiness, mergers and acquisitions, revenue recognition, and audit/attestation

Alex Hinson is the Director of Corporate Sponsorship and Deputy Director of National Development for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) following his time as White House Liaison to the U.S Treasury Department and White House Liaison and Senior Advisor at the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Stanton D. Anderson is a lawyer who practiced in Washington, D.C. where he was active in national Republican politics. In addition to holding key senior positions in a number of Presidential campaigns, Stanton has also served in a number of roles in several Republican Administrations and most recently as Chief Legal Officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Press and Endorsements


We launched TUSK Browser in April 2022 on iOS, Mac and Windows platforms and the launch of Android followed in July. We have had 40,000+ installs in the first 6 months and these users are proving to be sticky, since we recorded 31,304 MAU in October. 

October 2022: 42,000+ total installs & 31,304 MAU

Digital Advertising Revenue Model

Three proven revenue streams will allow TUSK to make a great return for investors. Digital Advertising Soared 35% to $189 Billion in 2021 According to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report and TUSK is poised to capitalize on a large growing market. A large niche market will attract advertisers with large ad budgets and display ads in the TUSK News Feed and the browser home screen will command higher than industry average rates.

A key part of the revenue model, search ads are also the largest segment of digital advertising that generated $78.3 billion in revenues in 2021. TUSK paid search advertising make the most of one of the most popular forms of PPC advertising in which brands pay (using an auction-based model) to have their ads displayed above and below organic search engine results when users search certain keywords.

Another revenue opportunity will be TUSK Deals, a curated affiliate store for Conservatives with a focus on products that support the ideals of those on the Right. The product listings in the store looks just like a real e-commerce store, however the listings are from other retailer’s products and redirect visitors to their sites using our affiliate links. When visitors complete their purchase, the retailer pays us a commission and handles product fulfillment directly with that visitor. This benefits TUSK users with an easy place to find companies they wan to support as well as give them better prices.

Fighting censorship also includes bypassing firewalls and circumventing other access blocking technology. A key feature we plan to integrate in the future is a VPN, or virtual private network. An easy to use, built-in VPN not only helps users evade these types of censors and provide access where otherwise not possible, it also provides a revenue opportunity.


Roadmap for TUSK includes Display Ads, Marketing and Search v1.0 & v2.0. * Additional funding may be needed for TUSK Search 2.0.

Development of the TUSK Browser App on all four major mobile and desktop platforms has been completed. Also, built from the ground up to ensure Conservatives can access the stories that matter, the Anti-Censorship News Feed allows users to choose the media outlets they trust so you can browse a news feed with the most relevant stories for you, by you.

Currently the Browser and News Feed are ad-free, however looking forward, we plan to continue to improve and monetize the browser app by building a display ad platform. A comprehensive go-to-market strategy includes capturing the attention of Conservative groups with influencers such as Mark Levin, Howie Carr, and other prominent Conservatives. Social ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Rumble, Twitter, TikTok and Truth Social, in addition to PR campaigns run on Fox News, Washington Examiner, Daily Wire, Breitbart and other right-leaning digital news platforms will grow users and awareness. Outreach to Senators, Congressmen and Governors to get more prominent conservative leaders involved will sustain growth.

TUSK Search is now available with v1.0 which involves partnering with Yahoo! Search. This step doesn’t solve the bias issue that plagues all current search engines; however it does gives us a stable revenue path to realize our goal of building a search engine from the ground up. TUSK Search v2.0 will be a completely independent search engine built from the ground up to take control of the results and fully address the problems of censorship and liberal bias. This with ensure the Conservative media stories won’t be buried and the truth will be heard.


The TUSK Media Tuner is a preference setting on the search results page that prioritizes results from media organizations according to Right, Left or Center.

Why invest now?

If this story wasn’t censored, would Biden be president today?

Does censorship really matter?

NY Post exposé blocked and buried by liberal Big Tech

Yes! Censored and biased search results affect elections!

The Biden stories that were suppressed affected the political views of voters and handed Democrats a digital win maybe even an election win. This must be stopped before the next election if Conservatives hope to regain the Presidency in 2024.

We need your help to fight censorship and protect Free Speech on the Internet!


Part of funds raised will go to pay off Attorneys Mark Lappin, initial investor loan, and Jeff Bermant (the CEO of Virtual World Computing LLC). The amount to Jeff Bermant will be the unpaid plus interest at 6% of $814,058 of rolling notes and accounts payables.