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Ai digital twin solution disrupts the $150B+ biometric and cyber security market
The Ai silent sentinel - unparalleled, continuous deep fake combat solutions
Generating revenue - over 400K samples evaluated, high accuracy, relentless innovations
Infinite scalability, broad applications, language agnostic with multi-modal authentication

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At Turant we pride ourselves in developing disruptive solutions, and are offering highly accurate ID verification which utilize the power of AI including combating AI generated impersonations. Our solutions have far reaching impact worldwide with the plan to bring benefits of digital economy for everyone

Empowering all with digital ID, combat AI with Turant power digital twin AI solutions

Meet the team behind Turant!

Turant in combating deep fake.

Turant in the financial industry.

Turant means quick and we intend to be the verb for quick and continuous ID authentication.

Turant utilizes the AI concepts of digital twin to provide immediate and continuous authentication.

Introducing the product

The Turant product is user-friendly, requiring only a one-time registration. This sample can be used repeatedly for ongoing verification multiple times a day for end users.

Simple Authentication

Cutting edge algorithms

Presenting customer solutions where our deployment is either active or under active consideration.

What sets us apart?

Embarking on a path to success, we proudly showcase our significant achievements.

Turant traction segments

Our business traction

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Market Analysis

Our pricing strategy and business model

Cyber-security professor and expert discussing the new threats coming from Gen-Ai and the solutions including Turant's

Industry Icon discussion, CEO of SAM Analytic solutions managing remote tech and more.

Turant in US Defense, ex-West Point graduate and CEO of Atom Beam & ex-Naval Intelligence officer

Fireside chat with Sanjith of MOSIP an industry icon in creating National IDs. MOSIP is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, TATA Trusts and others.

Greenfield market in continuous authentication - some competition in static solutions

Some competition in the market.  None in the markets we are in

Our financial projections.