German wood construction system - Climate positive and ready for the mainstream

Last Funded November 2023


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Award-winning, sustainable, and circular alternative to mainstream construction.
Launched 18 months ago. Approved to sell in construction market & built automated production line.
Our proof-of-concept building addition was assembled in 4 hours.
Sales pipeline with 40+ leads. Profitable growth with break-even projected for 2023.(not guaranteed)

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TRIQBRIQ - Sustainable construction for everyone!

Join us in transforming construction by bringing a sustainable wood construction system into the mainstream.

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Our story

After a successful career in olympic sports climbing, industrial climbing, project development and construction, Max Wörner was looking for ways to make construction greener and simpler. At the time, Werner Grosse, a veteran architect and developer of wood construction systems, had just patented TRIQBRIQ and was looking for a set-up to commercialize his invention.

They teamed up with partners from their network to form TRIQBRIQ. Heiko Ammermann joined the team as business angel, adding experience in fundraising and access to investors. After the first successful equity round, the team was able to hire a technical team and establish their first production site in Tübingen in November 2022.

With the first big pilot project under construction and more and more contracts coming in, the company is now ready to go big.


...a micro-modular wood construction system to build massive wood walls from 100% wood (no glue, no screws) - climate positive, completely circular and outstanding in terms of insulation and indoor health

...made from 100% wood. Each brick is made from wood elements that are arranged in a 3-axial structure and are connected by dowels. The resulting BRIQs can be used like conventional bricks - construction is quick, simple and flexible. It's like building with LEGO, only that our wood BRIQs are as strong as concrete and allow building constructions of 10 storeys or more.

...a break-through both in terms of usability and versatility - but also regarding the use of wood construction elements on an industrial scale.

What's so special about the BRIQ?

The strength of the BRIQ comes from the 3-axial design and the combination of several small elements. The wood itself can be 2nd grade wood: Calamity wood, insect wood, top cuttings, waste wood, heartwood or even recycled wood from construction sites or demolitions. The strength comes from the combination of several small elements, of which there are several in every dimension.

Even if the small wood elements dry out, absorb moisture or twist a bit (this is what wood does), this never affects the outer dimensions of the BRIQ and of the BRIQ walls - it's this effect that earned us the global patent and certification to sell into the general construction market.

And there is more: BRIQs are not glued or screwed - they are connected by dwels. So this is a 100% wood system and construction is super fast, since there are no drying times. At the end-of-life of a building, the BRIQ walls can simply be disassembled and the BRIQs can be used a second and third time.

Finally: TRIQBRIQ is delivered entirely waste-free, reducing local waste generation.

Some help from robots...

Our production system is the second main innovation: We use standardized industry robots to cut, pane, drill and saw the wood elements - and to assemble them into BRIQs. This approach has not been used in wood materials before and brings not only an outstanding precision, but also relatively low CAPEX.

Each "team" of robots forms a production cell (Otto is the royal highness of all cells). Scaling up is just about putting enough production cells into a hall and hitting the "go" button (Otto would claim that there is a bit more to it in terms of programming, testing, tool design...but in the end, someone hits the green button).

This makes TRIQBRIQ flexible to scale up production close to the forest and near the end markets. It also allows us to produce different BRIQ sizes, interior wall BRIQs and future production on the same machines just by plugging in another USB stick (again: Otto get the picture).

This allows us to take advantage of major weather events, that regularly cause prices for timber to tumble regionally, when a storm creates a local abundance of calamity wood.

Why the construction industry loves us

TRIQBRIQ has won innovation awards from all major players in the markets:

  • Architects awarded us for being a truly sustainable and circular alternative to the dominating construction materials.
  • Europe's largest real estate company awarded us an innovation award for bringing a green solution that works with serial construction and large construction projects.
  • The sustainable construction community love us from being compatible with mainstream construction - and not only within an eco-niche.
  • Big developers sing our praises for relieving mounting ESG pressure from their investors while making construction quicker and easier - but not more expensive.
  • Construction companies love us for being a plug-in-solution that works with established planning and construction processes, requires no special tools and no skilled labor.
  • Users love the indoor health that comes from living in a building hull made from 100% wood - and the outstanding insulation against summer heat.

Our positioning and USP

TRIQBRIQ brings timber construction into the mainstream of the construction industry and supports climate neutrality.

Other materials are not sustainable, not yet market-ready or significantly more expensive.

Market potential and scalability

TRIQBRIQ brings sustainability to mainstream construction – we can address a €10 billion market in Germany alone. Of those €10 billion, almost 75% of all projects can be realized with TRIQBRIQ - anything except real high rise.

Our production system is designed for scalabilty - and there is no limitation on the raw material side. Logging amounts to 80 million m³ every year, of this 45-60 million m³ is calamity wood. This gives us enough wood for decades of unlimited growth - and we have not even tapped into markets like Sweden or Poland with their vast supply of low quality softwood.


We initially address the market via three channels with a coordinated advertising/targeting strategy. The focus for now is a) large developers that develop in the to-rent market (which is not under as much pressure as the to-sell market) and b) individual home owners.

This is complemented by a number of projects for commercial real estate, apartment buildings and vacation homes that come in through our network.

The whole salin business will come once we have reached a critical mass and well-known brand.

Business plan

We expect break-even in the second half of 2023 with the delivery of the first major contracts for large developers.

We are very strict on fixed costs and overhead, so sales above 100,000 €/month lead to sustainable profits; future investments will be mostly financed from ongoing revenues.

Join us!

We are about to change construction for the better - big time! Become part of the journey and make some good money on the way!