Traq365 Corporation

Leveraging AI to Win More Sales

Last Funded January 2022


raised from 69 investors
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$1,275,000 raised in friends and family round.
MVP currently in Use
CEO is a successful serial founder with three prior exits.
The leadership team has 50+ years of expertise in business logistics, sales sector, & IT infrastructure.

Our Team

In the 25 years we've led sales teams, we never found a sales solution that effectively demystified buyer behavior, illuminated opportunities and risks to our deals, or brought clarity to our sales pipeline. We built Traq365 to deliver this visibility using proprietary artificial intelligence to accelerate deals and generate more revenue.

Why Traq365?

Traq365 is the only platform that converts organic sales conversations into unbiased, structured data. With exclusive, cutting-edge AI, Traq365 analyzes recorded sales conversations for critical insights, buyer intent, and actionable intelligence to help businesses plan revenue accurately and increase sales.

In a sales conversation, every word is crucial. These interactions contain all the data needed to win the business…but without a reliable way to capture and analyze this information, sales leaders are forced to make investments, strategic decisions, and provide guidance based on best guesses, not empirical data.

Via proprietary AI technology not even available a year ago, Traq365 captures the previously untapped human element of sales calls. The tech knows when a buyer’s skepticism threatens the deal. It sees follow-up tasks and opportunities that humans can’t. It spots industry trends and new competitors.

At the helm of Traq365 is industry leader Adam Rubenstein, serial entrepreneur/inventor with a proven track record of building successful companies. An expert in production & delivery processes for data management, Adam’s recent ventures include scaling his last company to $42M ARR.

Traq365 is at the intersection of two industries poised for tremendous growth: machine learning/AI, and CRM (customer relationship management) software. The global conversational AI market size is expected to grow to $13.9B by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.9%, and CRM revenue will exceed $80B by 2025.

The market for conversational sales AI platforms is hot: Traq365’s peer companies, Chorus and Gong, are valued at $100-500M and $7.25 billion respectively. As the only AI sales platform focused on the buyer’s behaviors and concerns, Traq365 is poised for success in this fast-growing market.

AI ventures get a lot of buzz ... but did you know that 40% of companies claiming to use it aren’t actually doing so? Traq365 uses real AI + machine learning developed over years of proprietary research. With the next $1M raised, Traq365 will continue to perfect its tech, further app development, and increase marketing and sales

With exclusive tech and an experienced team of entrepreneurs and industry experts, Traq365 provides the objective visibility into each sales call for valuable insight that was impossible to capture even just a year ago. Join Traq365 in revolutionizing the potential of the sales conversation.

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