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Brazilian chocolate truffles, sweet experiences

Last Funded March 2020


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tinyB chocolate brings people together through delicious, fun experiences.
Gross margins over 65%. Revenue growth of 120% in the first half of 2019 vs first half of 2018.
Close to 100 events to date. Repeat clients like Google, Cisco, Postmates and more. Outstanding client reviews.
Team events are expected perks at Bay Area companies. Affluent consumers also seek out new experiences.

Our Founder

tinyB unleashes chocolate's superpower by creating fun, delicious experiences that bring people together.  Our corporate team building events have enabled us to grow 120% in the first half of 2019 vs the same period of 2018 and provide us with over 65% margins today.  We're poised to feed a rich market that's hungry for unique experiences.

Sweet Experiences

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially when the delectable confections are hand-made with premium chocolate paired with unique flavors, spices and toppings? Meet “Brigaderos,” Brazilian truffles to die for! tinyB specializes in hand-crafting these delicious little chocolate gems.

tinyB was founded by Renata and Andrei Stoica. Growing up in Brazil, Renata loved helping her mother make brigadeiros for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. They became known throughout their community for making the best brigadeiros in the area and one by one, orders from their family and friends kept coming in.

Now living in San Francisco with her husband Andrei, Renata wanted to bring the chocolate confections she and her grandmother were known for in Brazil to consumers in the U.S. Thus,tinyB was created!

Today tinyB’s are still made by hand, from a family recipe and the best local ingredients and gifts are available from our online store.

Try a Brigadeiro!

Our online store offers gifts for both consumers and as part of a business gifting services.

There Are Two Sides To The tinyB Business  

  1. 1. Creating scrumptious boxes of brigadeiros that can be gifted in a variety of sizes. Our online store offers gifts including brigadeiros themselves, along with gift cards and other treats. You can also plan and purchase an experience for a team or family bonding activity.

  2. 2. Hosting exciting events where corporate teams or other groups can come together and enjoy a fun team-building experience by learning to make brigadeiros. tinyB's events are an easy, hands-on, chocolate making experience that encourage guests to open up and connect with one another.

We are seeking investors and raising funds to expand all aspects of our business.

tinyB Team Building Experience 

Chocolate has a superpower: it brings us back to the uncomplicated joy of childhood and the decadence of indulgence. It makes us smile, and when we smile together, we become closer. 

At tinyB team building events, guests come together for a fun-filled experience that motivates people to work together, develop their strengths and address any weakness. Our events encourage collaboration rather than competition and we've hosted over 100 events to date - and counting! 

Participants put on gloves, choose from a selection of chocolate centers, roll them in one of many toppings and... they've just made their first brigaderio! We talk about the brigadeiro's cultural background, ingredients, popular flavors and we encourage guests to have fun and experiment. 

Guests have the most fun with our Chocolate Challenge, a friendly competition at the end of the event for the best looking brigadeiro. Teams have the opportunity to come up with a compelling pitch and ‘sell’ why their brigadeiros should be chosen. The pitches are often hilarious and everyone has a great time! How much so? Check out some heartfelt testimonials and reviews below!

Testimonials & Reviews

We have executed close to 100 events and all our feedback has been very positive.

“Yesterday’s event was fabulous! Everyone loved it.”       - TJ Locke, Cisco
“The event was fantastic! Everyone had a lot of fun and the chocolates are amazing. Keep doing what you're doing.”                                                       - Jennifer Hooper, Google
Our team had SO much fun! Super easy to set up and the team running it was GREAT!
                                                                                                     - Cora Fowler, Google
"The team had an absolute blast!!"                                       - Chiao Yen, Manger, Twitter
“A humongous hit.”                                                                 - Nuna Atajda, Twitter
“… it just blew us away. I’ve been running events for 8 years and I was immensely impressed.”                                                                               - Annie Wu, Postmates
"I’ve never smiled so much with this group."                    - Jennifer Walker, Delphix
"I received soooo many compliments for the event."       - Manon Roy, Synopsys

Our Yelp and Google reviews as of August, 2019:

tinyB's Market Size

Our target clients are Executive Administrator (EA's) in top high tech or biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. They use team-building events to retain employees in a tight labor market.

We estimate there are over 7,000 such decision makers in this area, each supporting an average of 50 employees. Each EA plans an average of 2 team building events and one holiday party per year. We estimate that the spend per employee per year is $200, which is a total addressable market of $70M per year.

Adjacent markets increase our market opportunity substantially (see "Expansion" below).

Our Financial Engine

tinyB’s financial picture is extremely bright as evidenced by the following facts:

Rapid Growth As of Q2 2019 tinyB’s revenues have grown 120% over the same period in 2018.

A large local market Silicon Valley’s largest, wealthiest companies have a need for employee events. We estimate that we’ve addressed less than 1% of the overall market.

High margins Our gross margins today are 65% and we are confident they will rise above 70% once we hire full-time staff.

Low cost of sales We have developed a way for our prospects to have a first hand experience of tinyB for a small fraction of a typical business-to-business sale.

It’s fun! Clients, employees and the media like to be involved with a company that's fun, which makes it easier to sell, hire and spread the word.

tinyB's Future Expansion

As mentioned above, our core market today is Executive Administrators in the top 150 tech and biotech companies in the Bay Area. We estimate that we have served less than 1% of this market.

We will expand tinyB in several ways:

  • Offer new services to our current market, enabling existing clients to treat their team to multiple tinyB events in the same year.
  • Target other titles that plan team-building events including HR, Employee Experience Managers and Recruiters
  • Market our services to thousands of smaller companies in the Bay Area.
  • Market our events to corporate Event Marketers as an in-booth experience at trade shows. We have executed two such engagements and they have been very successful.

Each of these new approaches will increase our revenue potential substantially. As an added benefit, selling to Marketing teams will diversify our risk since we will be a marketing expense, rather than an employee benefit.

tinyB's Goals

Our goal for 2020 is 100% growth, and 75% growth over the following 3 years.

We are currently ahead of our target! As of the end of Q2 of 2019, our revenue is up 120% from the same period in 2018.

We want to attain break-even by the end of 2020 and generate over $7,000,000 in revenue with EBITDA (net profits) margin of over 45% by the end of 2023. High net margins are within reach for tinyB because gross margins are 65% now, and are projected to be over 70% once we hire full-time staff in 2020.

tinyB's Exit Strategy 

Our goal is to build a highly profitable, high growth business and position it for acquisition in five years for $25MM or more.

We aim to return 10x to our current investors, with a minimum of 5x. However, returns are not guaranteed.

A Highly Successful Comparable Company

Paint Nite, an event company which sells mainly to women, attained a 3-year growth of 1,970% and $65,000,000 in revenues. Their profile is similar in many ways:

  • High margins and low up-front investment
  • Exceptionally high growth

It is interesting to note that their event has not changed substantially over the years.

Future Valuation

We engaged Stout, a national firm focused on company valuation, to analyze our potential future value in 5 years. For details on Stout, please see their website: www.stout.com.

NOTE: The following is for corporate research purposes and should not be construed as investment advice.

We asked Bryce Geyer, a Managing Director, to estimate the value of tinyB 4 1/2 years from now, at the end of 2023, using our projections as a starting point.

The details of the analysis are in the Q&A, with attachments as references.

The conclusion was that if we attain our projections, an investor in this round would see a 8.8x return on investment. If we fall short it would be 6x return and if we beat our targets, a 9.5x return.

Ready To Invest?

There’s no time like the present to invest in tinyB. Our revenue is quickly growing and there’s no end in sight. We invite you to join us in our exciting journey and get in on the ground floor of this amazing chocolate company. Thanks for your consideration.