Advanced loan servicing platform transforming antiquated $11.7T mortgage market

Last Funded May 2023


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🏆 One of the first borrower-centric cloud-based residential mortgage loan servicing platforms
🦾 Proprietary technology improves operational efficiencies and reduces fallout for Loan Servicers
💵 Built from the ground up as a cloud-based B2B SaaS platform with a traditional subscription model
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Active Loan Servicers and Borrowers using platform and providing beneficial feedback

Our Team

I founded thryv to create a better solution that will improve the Borrower and Loan Servicer relationship. Through financial empowerment, proactive engagement, and gradual behavioral modifications, Borrowers and Loan Servicers will mutually benefit from an improved process and stabilized financial future.

Why invest in thryv?

The current residential loan servicing model is broken. The process for Loan Servicers is outdated, costly, and misaligned. And Borrowers are oftentimes treated as a number on a spreadsheet instead of the human that they are.

Our platform, thryv ™️, positions Loan Servicers as allies instead of adversaries. It’s a cloud-based B2B technology platform that cuts mortgage Loan Servicer costs dramatically, reduces loan fallout, and improves the Borrower experience. By focusing on the Borrower we’ve been able to differentiate ourselves from our competition and empower Borrowers to increase their financial health.

Our parent company, Crowd Capital Co., has raised $900k to date to invest in the development of our platform. We have now onboarded Loan Servicers and Borrowers on the platform; and are obtaining feedback on the first release of our product, as well as overall insight into Borrower behavior. Investors will be investing in thryv technologies incorporated. thryv technologies incorporated is a subsidiary owned by its affiliated holding company Crowd Capital Co. which is considered a predecessor entity. thryv technologies incorporated was created as an entity on July 1st, 2022, and all intellectual property developed within Crowd Capital Co. were transferred to said entity.

The money raised during this campaign will help fuel the next stage of development and enable us to generate an expected ~$100M in annual recurring revenue (ARR) within seven (7) years. (not guaranteed)

We hope you will join us on our exciting journey.

Here are the top reasons you should invest!

Innovation isn’t a word used in the mortgage loan servicing industry all too often. The loan servicing model that’s been in use for nearly half a century is outdated and costly, while the incentives across stakeholders are misaligned. Loan Servicers have gotten away with remaining stagnant because Borrowers are “stuck” with them unless they want to go through the hassle of refinancing their loans with another institution. And it's highly likely that the new institution is using the same servicing tools and processes as the former one, so the Borrower would quite literally be trading one set of poor processes and customer service for another. Meanwhile, Lenders understand that most servicers are the same and don’t want the hassle of moving their loans and paying fees needlessly for incremental improvements.

Creating a better experience has never been a priority – until now.

If you have a residential mortgage, you’re already aware of the fact that most Loan Servicers and Lenders do not have the most user-friendly or intuitive applications. That is partially because they have never had a need to focus on the experience and have prioritized the bottom line. As we navigate the digital age with more people becoming technology savvy, there is an increase in demand for self-service applications and expedited results.

Through our proprietary application, thryv ™️, there is finally a solution that provides a cost-effective option to increase the bottom line while providing a better overall experience that reduces friction and frustration for Borrowers.

With enhanced self-service capabilities Borrowers can access their loan portal and important documents when they need them most. Loan Servicers will benefit from increased operational efficiencies by focusing human intervention on exception handling rather than handholding.

Our platform offers an easy-to-use chat functionality that streamlines the conversations between Borrowers and Loan Servicers. Those conversations are then stored in the online dashboard creating an end-to-end audit that Loan Servicers can refer back to when questions arise. We've also digitized uploading and downloading critical documents necessary for loan origination and/or modification, including e-sign capabilities.

Additionally, our intuitive dashboard quickly allows Borrowers to see the status of their loan and it enables Loan Servicers to have a central location for the tasks associated with an application. The dashboard also provides insight into where a Borrower is in their application process giving Loan Servicers the opportunity to follow up with the Borrower to help answer questions and keep the application moving forward. This feature alone saves endless hours of manual follow-up and phone-tag.

Lenders are faced with the difficult job of judging the unpredictability of Borrowers. When underwriting loans or reviewing default resolution options, they use limited data, relevant only at that particular moment in time, to decide whether someone will be a good, long-term Borrower.

The reality is financial hardships can happen to anyone. Whether life throws someone an unexpected challenge or they were never taught how to manage their money, it’s easy to get in a bind. As of May 2022, roughly 49% of U.S. consumers did not have the ability to cover a $400 emergency expense. And to top that off, each year in the U.S., over 750,000 homeowners are at risk of losing their homes due to missing as few as three mortgage payments.

thryv ™️ helps solve this problem by actively monitoring the Borrowers finances to identify potential default risks and proactively engaging with them through targeted counseling to help ensure they remain in good financial standing. We also provide the financial education many Americans never received in school, so we can better support the Borrowers long-term financial health and stability of the loan. By addressing the Borrower’s shortcomings and positioning the Loan Servicers as allies and mentors, we are capable of de-risking the loan for the Loan Servicer and underlying Lender.

Through financial empowerment, proactive engagement, and gradual behavioral modifications, Borrowers and Loan Servicers will mutually benefit from an improved process and stabilized financial future.

In the event a Borrower can’t recover from a life event, they will need to work with their Loan Servicer to understand what options may be available to prevent them from losing their home entirely.

The current process is long, arduous, confusing, and cumbersome for Borrowers.

As you can see, it’s a culmination of never-ending calls ☎️, applications 📄, faxes 📠, mailing letters ✉️, waiting 🤷🏽‍♀️, and more waiting 🤷🏽‍♂️.

If a Borrower successfully manages to navigate this complex and frustrating process their mortgage relief might be short-lived. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, there’s a 50% chance they would re-default within the first 12 months. This occurs for a number of reasons, but most commonly it is because the modification was not truly affordable in the long term and the Borrower hasn’t been given the proper guidance to address their financial instability.

With thryv ™️, the process becomes simpler, smoother, and more efficient.

Our refined process allows us to provide proactive digital engagement and tailored counseling to empower Borrowers, prevent them from missing their mortgage payments again and improve their long-term financial stability. By using our simplified platform, Borrowers improve their ability to pay their mortgage and increase their chance of keeping their home by 300%.

Don't just take our word for it! Click on the picture below and scroll down to see some success stories of families that members of our team have previously helped:

Our primary revenue stream comes from offering subscriptions of our SaaS-based proprietary technology platform to Loan Servicers and Lenders such as credit unions and community banks. Our monthly subscription fee ranges from $2.50 to $7.50 per active Borrower depending on their payment status. This ensures the platform always remains free for Borrowers to use. After all, they are the people who need our help the most.

Additionally, we plan to develop partnerships with quality organizations that offer value-added services for the Borrowers using our platform, and we will receive commissions for each referral. However, we will only ever offer services that are beneficial to our Borrowers and will never pressure them to use our providers.

We will acquire our customers through direct sales outreach, conference and trade show participation, and referrals from existing customers.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, many lower and lower-middle-class families are feeling strained. Their savings accounts have been wiped out and inflation is making everyday necessities unaffordable. To make matters worse, rising interest rates have exacerbated the situation for Borrowers who rely on variable rate debt, such as credit cards, to bridge the gap between paydays or to merely survive.

Additionally, with the pandemic foreclosure moratoriums over, government-initiated forbearances coming to an end, and an overall cooling of the housing market, foreclosure activity has begun to surge. It’s an issue that will continue to get worse over the years, as judicial and non-judicial states alike begin to work through their backlog of seriously delinquent mortgages.

It is more important now than ever before, to help streamline the loan servicing process so Borrowers can be in the best financial position to afford their homes or receive alternative solutions if necessary to make their mortgage payments more affordable.

Unlike other platforms, we are unique in our Borrower-focused offering. No other platform focuses on the Borrower’s financial health and stability as a way to improve the outcome for Loan Servicers and the Lenders that they serve.

The housing market has reached a whopping $43.4 trillion.

In this colossal market, more than 50 million people have mortgages, with an estimated $11.7 trillion of outstanding mortgage debt.

Due to the static nature of the US housing market and the extensive regulatory barriers, innovation has been slower in the housing industry in comparison with many other industries.

This is your rare opportunity to own a piece of the company disrupting the US residential mortgage industry

Our leadership team is uniquely positioned to disrupt the status quo and help make a lasting difference in Borrowers’ lives. We have designed our intelligent loan servicing platform to empower Borrowers to take their financial futures into their own hands while reducing costs for Loan Servicers. Together, we have over 50 years of experience in real estate, software, and technology companies.

Our parent company, Crowd Capital Co., has already completed a pre-seed funding round and raised more than $900,000 from friends, family, and angel investors to invest in the development of our platform – and now you have the chance to join them. Your investment will help us accelerate the expansion of our technology to transform the mortgage loan servicing industry. We’ve come such a long way and have big plans for the road ahead.

Our parent company, Crowd Capital Co., has gained recognition in the fintech and social impact space for our proprietary application, thryv ™️, with acceptance into various non-dilutive accelerator programs, including FinHealth US 2021 – an accelerator program for early-stage startups contributing to the financial health and economic opportunity of everyday people.

We have also recently launched the third phase of our technology platform and have already onboarded assets and Borrowers onto the platform. By Q4 of this year, we plan to onboard our first paying Loan Servicer customer, which will enable us to empower thousands of Borrowers.

Within five years, we project to have one million Borrowers on the platform, which is then forecasted to continue growing at a rate of 500,000 to one million Borrowers per year. By year seven, this will translate to annual recurring revenues of ~$100 million. Our goal is to be the system of record for Borrower engagement for one of the two primary Government Sponsored Enterprises – Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Accomplishing this means that the use of our application for empowering Borrowers can be mandated to their residential Loan Servicers

We are a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means we do work that is in the best financial and social interest of our shareholders. Ultimately, people are our business – so we always work for the benefit of the people.

Our parent company, Crowd Capital Co., has proudly gained Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification and is also a Florida For Good member; an initiative that promotes corporate responsibility.

We are a minority-owned company led by Christian Rotter – a market disruptor who noticed that minorities tend to be disproportionately impacted by the current state of the mortgage market.

We are in the process of applying for our B Corporation certification with B Labs with a roadmap to achieve a BIA score over 80 by the end of 2022.

You are investing in a company that is doing good work and bringing change in more ways than one.

Investors will be investing in thryv technologies incorporated. thryv technologies incorporated is a subsidiary owned by its affiliated holding company Crowd Capital Co. which is considered a predecessor entity. thryv technologies incorporated was created as an entity on July 1st, 2022, and all intellectual property developed within Crowd Capital Co. were transferred to said entity.