Thriving Design

Patented C-BITE clips helping gardeners build custom plant supports

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 34 investors
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💸 1M C-BITEs sold to-date, 300K+ in revenue this year
💰 Available online via Shopify, Amazon, and several DTC websites, including Williams Sonoma in 2022
🤝 Orders from 25% of the top 100 independent garden centers in the U.S.
💥 Carried by 10 of the largest lawn & garden distributors in North America in 2021

Our Team

Food security is a major issue that needs to be tackled on many fronts - empowering people to grow their own is a vital part of the solution. Our products encourage this.

We help gardeners build versatile, sturdy plant supports in a snap 🌻

Our Vision

The earth has sustained humanity for millennia. We thought it would be nice to return the favor. Our products help people grow their own food to eat more healthily, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make Earth cool again.

Our C-BITE clips make it easy to create the garden of your dreams with durable, reusable, customizable support systems. Master gardener? Commercial grower? First-time hobbyist? Whoever you are and whatever you’ve got growing, we’re here to support your vision.

One of our customers, Wendi Phan, using her C-BITEs.

Our story

Thriving Design was founded in 2014 by Jason Rider, in his basement (of course). He had an idea for a gadget that would make growing plants easier and more fun. He imagined a small but mighty clip that could easily snap on his garden stakes - eliminating the massive frustration of single size tomato cages & twist ties. He used a 3D printer for the design and prototype of the first C-BITE. Many iterations later his creation, the C-BITE "Radially Slotted Annular Coupling System" is officially a patented thing as of December 2019, with 5 independent claims.

Today it’s a family business, his sister Morgan joined the team in 2020 to help spread the love and joy of gardening.

Our products are designed and manufactured to minimize our negative impacts on the environment. We’re committed to minimizing packaging and waste, and being carbon neutral. We donate 1% of our profits to nonprofits focused on conservation of the environment and food security for all people.

Jason with his son, Kai.

Our friend Susan Bishop showing off C-BITEs and her yoga prowess!

Jason decked out with merch and C-BITEs at Farwest.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.