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reserved of a $400,000 goal
Revenue Share Loan
6% of revenue  1.5X  1.6X payback multiple
$250, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K


30 Barrel (BBL) State of the art brewery producing 12,000 BBL Output yearly with built in expansion to 30,000 BBL's
Statewide CA. Approved and shipping to: Beverages & More, Raley's Supermarkets
Multiple U.S. and Overseas Distribution Inquires to expand
Awarded 2016 Beverage World-Bevstar Bronze Award -Tres Vaqueros Amber Ale - 1st American-Mexican Style Amber in U.S.A. craft beer category.

Our Team

Our journey began with a vision to produce Superior Quality Brews for the craft beer community. We incorporated the proverbial Three Monkeys into our brewery logo as a representation of everything that is good about our life, business & delivering a world class taste in every beer. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil, Just Damn Good Beer!

The Story of Three Monkeys Brewing Company

  • Our Beginning…

In late 2008, Founders Michael Tate and Craig Meacham met on the job and started talking about investing in something special due to our ailing economy. Their conversations led to the idea of creating a company that produced superior quality craft beer and ale that had the ability to connect with people both domestically and internationally. Craig Meacham brought forth the original idea of Three Monkeys from artwork he had created decades earlier for possible music business logos. Michael Tate-Founder had a background in home brewing from an early age using home brew beer kits. With Craig’s artwork and Michael’s knowledge of beer we had the perfect combination for success. The cultural belief system surrounding Three Monkeys from India, China, and Japan dates to 5th century B.C. and is pretty much known to all. With that, we knew we had a Juggernaut in marketing and advertising built into a symbol collected worldwide. We then decided to launch our craft beer company, Three Monkeys Brewing Company. As an educator, Craig Meacham had an extensive background in art history and with graphics arts. Craig’s branding ideas have subsequently enabled us to connect with people everywhere in our craft beer community. With Michael’s contribution to beer formulation and Craig’s artwork our foundation was in place and Three Monkeys brand was born, along with our Motto, "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”. We took this universal message of peace with its belief system and crafted it into our products and how we professionally manage our company business. This also speaks to our conscious concern with our need for environmental sustainability.

Our Journey…
It has been a long rewarding Journey and we are excited about our road ahead. We began our humble beginnings Home Brewing at Craig Meacham’s house on 20 acres in Mariposa, CA, utilizing a burner, pot, buckets, basic equipment and a California ABC brewing license. This enabled us to brew our beer in small batches from a small structure built by Founders Michael Tate and Craig Meacham. This was our first step in entering the wholesale Craft Beer marketplace. After doing extensive research looking for contract brewers, we came across Devils Canyon Brewing Company, San Carlos, California (CA). There, we were able to brew our first commercial IPA and learn some aspects of brewing applications, hardware setup, bottling, scheduling, contracting and brewing in small batches. We learned of event tie-ins that would build growth and the adoption of our products virtually overnight through word of mouth and face to face marketing. Special thanks to Chris Garret, Owner of Devils Canyon Brewing Company, San Carlos, CA and Hermitage Brewing, San Jose, CA, for their contributions and support in helping us to get our finished product to the marketplace. We also thank, Michael Hall, Master Brewer and Matt McDougall, Brewer for their initial contributions in assisting us to build our formulations and signature beers that are sold to this very day. But most of all we thank our incredible "Three Monkeys Brew Crew" and management team that has put in countless hours of sweat equity and investment, along with the Founders. Without our team we would not have realized the success that made Michael and Craig’s dream a reality. As a community-oriented company, Three Monkeys Brewing Company cares deeply about sustainability and our community service.

First, we had to bring forth our globally accepted branding concept, that would compete and capture the craft beer communities attention!

Back in late 2008, I met a friend on the job and we started talking and pondering about beer and beverages, due to the ailing economy. The conversation led to creating and investing in a beer company that produced superior quality brews that had the ability to connect with  people on a mass scale domestically and internationally. My friend and colleague, Craig Meacham, Founder, brought forth the idea and concept, originally called Two Monkeys Brewing. We pondered for a bit and felt we needed to expand the concept and idea. So Michael Tate-Founder had a small background in home brewing at a early age of 16 on a test beer kit. It was out of pure curiosity that led Michael Tate and Craig Meacham to conduct additional searches online to tie our brand together with craft beer. Lo and behold we discovered a pre-existing cultural belief system called the Three Monkeys, that was out of the Tibetan region in China, dating back to 6 B.C. and earlier in world history.  At this point we knew we had discovered a Juggernaut in marketing and advertising already built into the symbolization that is collected worldwide. Our branding ideas came easy at this point enabling us to connect with people in the craft beer community effortlessly. So we decided to launch our craft beer company, called Three Monkeys Brewing Company. At this time Craig Meacham - founder, had a huge back ground in the Three Monkeys background, art, history, graphics imagery, pre-post production experience and educated on this finding. The Three Monkeys brand was born overnight, along with our Motto "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil..Just Damn Good Beer! Because this is what we deliver from a American stand point. We took the good values and understanding from this universal message of peace and crafted it into our beer processes, staff protocol and how how we as a company respectfully treat people and professionally manage our business on a day to day basis. View the final logo branding concept that defines our company to this day! 

Wow! Three Monkeys Superior Quality Craft Beer is a instant success with the crowds!

Our Debut…

Three Monkeys Superior Quality Craft Beer was an instant success with the crowds! In 2009 Three Monkeys became an authentic brewing company when our first craft beer offerings debuted in 2009 at Chuckchansi Park Stadium in Fresno California, home of the Fresno Grizzlies a Semi-pro Baseball team. We served five amazing craft beers (American Pale Ale, Brown Barrel Ale, Gold Monkey IPA, Red Irish-Style Ale, Tres Vaqueros Amber Ale) that were an instant hit among the thousands attending. Our five beer stations had lines that looked a mile long that day. We received countless fans and overnight success. We had comments all day long that we had the best beer including pictures with fans, photo ops, merchandise sales and vendor inquiries to purchase our craft beer for their establishments. The excitement surrounding our beers continues to this day.

First Craft Beer Taproom Opened in Madera, California.

Our Tap Room…

We Opened our very first Taproom December 2010, called the Three Monkeys Craft Brew House, located in Madera, California. We introduced an impressive lineup of Superior Quality Brews that hit with instant success among the many served at this location. This initial location allowed us to market and advertise to the general public and create growth with a massive following. We sold 16-oz pints on tap, beer in ½ gallon growlers, packaged 6 Pack – 12-ounce, 22-ounce singles, 12 Pack - 22-ounce cases, T-shirts and a host of other Three Monkeys merchandise. As a community-based brewery we conduct events and connected with our Central California community supporting many non-profit causes both here and in Nevada.

 3 Prestigious Gold, Silver & Bronze Award-Medals for our Craft Beer.

We entered prestigious beer contests hosted by Lallemand International, a global leader in the development, production and marketing of yeast, and Beverage World. We received our first 2010 Lallemand Silver Medal for our Three Monkeys Brown Barrel Ale, beating out the likes of Devils Canyon Brewing Company, Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Lost Coast Brewing and Stone Brewing Company. We went on to Win the 2015 Beverage World Bev-Star Gold Award for our Three Monkeys Brown Barrel Ale, beating out Lions Beer of Sri Lanka, who previously had won the World Cup Contest and Indy Motor works of Bradenton, Florida. We then followed up with a 2016 Beverage World Bronze Award, designated as America's First Mexican-Style Amber Ale. Investors note, each beer was formulated and brewed to perfection from the start. Michael Tate possesses a natural gift for beer creativity backed by dedication and palate with an ability to create superior quality brews.

Michael Tate, President, CEO, says one must "Listen to the beer".

We have reached a critical breakout point! To expand into a new state of the art brewery and taproom with packaging capabilities to meet the demand of the masses and distribution inquiries!

Present Day

We have reached our critical breakout point! We are currently distributing to Big Box stores Albertsons/Pak N Save/Vons, BevMo (Beverages & More), Costco Wholesale, Cost Plus World Market, Food Max, Grocery Outlets, Raley's Supermarkets, Savemart, Total Wine & More, Hotels, Gas Stations, Restaurants and convenient stores. We have secured additional approvals to expand with Costco and statewide throughout California serving BevMo (Beverages & More) and Raley's Supermarkets throughout California including Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe. We are an approved vendor for Walmart, Albertson-Safeway Inc. and Vons stores. We need to expand into a state-of-the-art brewery and taproom with packaging capabilities that meet our demand for distribution. 

Join the Monkey Nation!

This is where you come in... Now is a perfect time to invest in a superior quality craft beer company. Remember, Three Monkeys Brew Crew is a professional management team that delivers with creativity, passion and ingenuity. Our management team has over 60 + years of combined knowledge and experience backed by real life success at all levels of manufacturing, branding, sales, marketing and advertising. Our marketing plans and incentives for vendors carry Three Monkeys brews deep into the marketplace and are second to none. For a decade we have worked tirelessly building Three Monkeys Brewing Company. We are humbly requesting help and participation from the investment community.

to secure and expand our branding juggernaut both in the United States and Globally. Together we will make this happen and bring our products to the masses. With continued innovative beer offerings already in the pipeline and packaging and sound management we will capture the marketplace! Unlock a once in a lifetime investment opportunity today and invest liberally in Three Monkeys Brewing Company.

Invest in the Number# 1 consumed alcohol beverage in America – Craft Beer!

Three Monkeys Brewing Company - A Investment opportunity of a life time!

A few meaningful words about 3 Monkeys Brewing Company…..

We are a community based company built for the people, by the people and the investment community. Our management team possesses a 60 + years of proven beer industry knowledge and market know how. We have a proven go to market plan that produces consistent throughput to customers that support our vendors and distributors in the market place. Connecting with beer connoisseurs at local beer events on and off premise is key to our current and future brand and sales build out. Vendor and customer support is key to our brand sustainability along with continued production of our award winning premium quality craft beer. We have a world class Juggernaut in branding that is recognizable on a global scale, due to the Three Monkeys Origins and message of peace that is built into the gestures of the Three Monkeys brand dating back 700 B.C. and earlier. Capturing and supporting shelf space is a key component of our continued success and delivering to vendors 100% on time all the time. Our current management team understands the value of managing the back office and the bottom line by supporting events, advertising, marketing and creation of an array of dazzling point of sales materials that keep customers engaged and converting into loyal fans of our brand. Our strong ties to supporting communities along with excellent customer support in over 150 + events that we have served successfully is the key to driving our market place well into the future.

Key Investor Benefits:

* 30 BBL State of the art turnkey Brewhouse, Taproom and bottling facility with expansion built in to support 30,000 Barrels of output.

* Brewery sales are expected to be $4.6 Million, with net profit of $1.6 Million respectively in the first year of full operation.

* 35% Percent return on your initial investment within 18 months.

* 5% percent yearly dividend that kicks in after the initial investment terms are completed.

* Management team that possesses 60 + years of proven beer industry knowledge and market know how and go to market execution and support.

* Three Monkeys Branding is a advertising and marketing Juggernaut. Recognized and collected globally in every country.

* Investors leverage their returns safely by investing in our company that’s growing in terms of local sales, distribution and sales volume expansion.

*Investors leverage into a company with established vendor route’s that are currently serving Big Box stores; Albertsons/Pak N Save/Vons, BevMo (Beverages & More), Costco Wholesale, Cost Plus World Market, Food Max, Grocery Outlets, Raley's Supermarkets, Savemart, Total Wine & More, Hotels, Gas Stations, Restaurants and convenient stores.

*Statewide distribution approved for Beverages and More (BevMo!) and Raley’s Supermarkets (California and Nevada) over 200 + stores. Walmart approved Vendor

* Award Winning Craft Beer!

Awarded 2016 Beverage World - Bevstar Bronze Award -Tres Vaqueros Amber Ale, “The First Mexican-American Amber Ale in the Craft Beer category”.

Awarded 2015 Beverage World-Bevstar Gold Award -Brown Barrel Ale.

Awarded 2010 Silver Medal - Brown Barrel Ale – Lallemand International "Brain of Brewers Contest".

We thank each and everyone of you for participating in this incredible investment opportunity. Our motto, “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil, Just Damn Good Beer! Welcome to the Monkey Nation! Cheers!

Michael Tate, Founder, President, CEO and Craig Meacham, Founder, Executive Vice- President and President of Branding, thank you for your kind consideration.

Thanks for choosing us!