The Zone

Reimagining access to mental health support

Last Funded March 2022


raised from 22 investors


Raised $527k from Andreessen Horowitz Talent x Opportunity programs and angel investors.
Renewed a financial wellness content partnership with Morgan Stanley for 3x ARR .
Currently serve 10 College D1 & D2 athletic programs with 4500 student-athletes.
Won the '22 Best Startup Award at Columbia Universities’ Healthcare Challenge.

Our Team

The founders battled mental health issues as athletes without any support impacting their performance and overall wellness. They founded The Zone to make sure future athletes would not have the same struggles.

Elevating Student athlete's mental wellness

Our focus:

There are over 8.5 million high school and college student-athletes in the United States and one-third are battling mental health problems. With the current system there are not enough counselors to support the needs of these students and often students wait up to 8 weeks to get help. As former student-athletes, we felt the impact of this - there was only one mental health clinician supporting each school. It is our mission to make mental health support accessible to all - to put it in the pockets of every student athlete.

Our solution:

Our platform gives student-athletes a personalized mental health coach in their pocket. By providing all athletes access to mental wellness support we can intervene before they reach the point of a crisis without dependence on counselors. We also know there continues to be a stigma associated with seeking help. The Zone’s platform provides support privately as they wait to see a clinician. We help them build coping skills and resilience on their own. Our platform provides support through: Guided wellness routines, Personalized content experience, easy access to get extra help and see how your community is doing so you no longer feel like you're struggling alone.

Staff Solution:

Our platform allows coaches, administrators and counselors to monitor the mental well-being of their students. We protect student’s privacy but leverage anonymized data to provide insights into general wellness trends, needs and areas of concern. This data not only empowers the staff but also will reduce the volume of in-office visits needed.

Business model:

We are a B2B solution that charges the schools a per user licensing fee and are doing annual contracts.

Our Go-To Market:

As former collegiate athletes it is our mission to improve the mental health support within athletic departments but we recognize the mental health crises extends beyond athletes. We are passionate about making an impact on student athletes and then scaling to all students.

What's Next

Become the leading mental health resource for student-athletes. The money we raise will support the acquisition and onboarding of our next wave of schools and support the development of version 2.0 of our mobile application.

Over the next 6 months we expect to sign and onboard 10 schools with estimated revenue of $200 - $275k. By the fall we expect to have X schools on the platform.

Dependent on funding we plan to release v 2.0 of The Zone with will include….

Driven by the momentum of the launch and new schools, in Q2 we begin our seed round of fundraising. We thank you for joining us on this journey to improve the mental health of student-athletes.