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Community doubled to 500k in the last year; app users went from 0 --> 14k in 8 months!
Video game industry is a $200B global market, $57B in the U.S. alone & women are often overlooked.
Founders launched & sold Mommybites, one of the first & largest parenting platforms.
Raised $2.1M to date, including Riot Games and investors from OpTic Gaming.

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Our Team

Fast-growing, woman centered gaming community ready to scale up and monetize for a $200B market

The*gameHERs is the first media platform and social network for women who game and work in the gaming industry.

Women Are Excluded from the Gaming Industry

Of the 2.8B gamers in the world, half are women. Even with this equity in numbers, the current gaming culture is incredibly hostile and exclusive towards women.

The vast majority of these 1.4B women experience toxicity while gaming, barriers to entering the industry workforce, and a lack of representation.

This toxic environment spills out into the gaming industry job sector:

  • Only 24% of those working in the industry are women, an unusually low figure compared to other creative/cultural sectors
  • Only 23% of women are director/vice president/partner or C-level positions
  • Only 15% of women are CEOs or managing directors

But through it all, 1.4B women want to game, 1.4B women want to connect, and 1.4B women want to be part of the industry.

This is how the*gameHERs was born. We are building a haven for this massive, underserved group. And in just 2 years, over 500k gameHERs have joined our movement – doubling in the last 6 months alone!

We are disrupting the game. Finally!

The*gameHERs World

The*gameHERs is a media platform, social networking community, and lifestyle brand for women and femme identifying people who game and work in the gaming industry. 

On our mission to amplify the voice of all gameHERs, we are creating a fast-growing, highly-engaged community. We are building them a place to find each other and to find education, jobs, products, and especially the love of gaming.

Our community comes together on our various platforms, which include a community hub website; a social networking app; Zepeto, a Metaverse community; a Discord community; Collegiate Program, Dream Stream, and a Twitch channel.

The*gameHERs also hosts live and virtual events like the*gameHERs Awards, professional development bootcamps, charity gaming streams, and collegiate esports tournaments.

The*gameHERs Movement

In our 2 short years, we’ve accomplished a lot and we’re just getting started. 

The*gameHERs App Traction

Following a highly successful Beta program for our app, we received resoundingly positive feedback, and about 90% of users chose to continue using the app.

Our app is gaining a reputation through the entire gaming space as being one of the best places to connect, socialize, and network.

The Female Gaming Industry Is Untapped

The*gameHERs is changing that by marketing specifically to them and for them.

With our quickly growing community, we are on track to capture a significant portion of that market with the first-of-its-kind woman-centered social network.

Ready to Scale and Monetize

Until now, we’ve been laser-focused on reaching a critical mass of users and creating the best possible user experience. We’ve hit that critical mass and are ready to scale up and monetize our platform.

Our community is projected grow to 2 million gameHERs by 2024 (not guaranteed)

With our community and our platforms as the foundation of who we are and who we are becoming, we will merge Web 2 and Web 3 across all of it. We see the future, there are women in the future, and the future includes Web 3. We are positioned to capitalize on and impact the future in ways that elevate those we center.

Our Female-led Team

Our powerhouse female founders – Laura Deutsch, Rebecca Dixon, Verta Maloney, and Heather Ouida – are experts in building communities for women.

Our team is founded by 4 incredibly passionate women with colorful backgrounds who bring together various life experiences and skills - from toy inventing to esports, and race relations to social justice. We’ve accomplished something similar before with Mommybites, and using our unique expertise, we’re doing it again.

Three of the four founders launched, grew, and sold Mommybites, one of the largest social and educational parenting resources for new and expectant moms in the New York area.


We also have a seasoned bench of rockstar advisors with decades of gaming, start-up and executive experience helping guide us on our path. 

Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO at Evil Geniuses

Nicole is CEO of Evil Geniuses, a global gaming & entertainment company defining the modern era of esports enjoyed by millions. A Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree & Business Insider 2020 Transformer, she has deep understanding of digital entertainment & gaming.

Jen Saxton, Founder & CEO at Tot Squad

Jen is founder and CEO of Tot Squad and credited by The New York Times as having created a new industry. Jen's work was featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, NY Times. In 2020, she successfully exited her baby gear cleaning business with an acquisition, where she continues to serve as advisor. Jen is a regular contributor on parenting topics for CBS The Doctors and New York Magazine / The Strategist.

Maria Oliveira Tamellini, Co-founder & COO at GamerSafer

Maria is co-founder and COO of GamerSafer, a software company making online games and esports safe and a fair play experiences for all players. With 10+ years of entrepreneurship experience in social impact, she was awarded by Headstream Innovation for building positive & ethical tech for youth.

John Brock III, Retired Chairman & CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises

John was Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises for 10 yrs and CEO of Coca-Cola European Partner. John was also President of Cadbury Schweppes’ International, European, North American beverage businesses, COO of Cadbury Schweppes, plc, and CEO of InBev. John is a member of the Beverage World Hall of Fame and was named Beverage Industry’s Executive of the Year in 2000.

Kaili Vernoff, Actress | Susan Grimshaw | Red Dead 2

Kaili is an actress whose recent credits include Law & Order SVU (NBC), The Enemy Within (NBC) House of Cards (Netflix), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Hulu’s The Path, Cafe Society, Crisis in Six Scenes (Amazon), Ratter (Slamdance), The Affair (Showtime) and the Sundance hit, Thoroughbreds. Kaili is widely recognized for her breakout performance as Susan Grimshaw in the massively popular video game, Red Dead Redemption II.

Our Future

In our 2 short years, we’ve accomplished a lot and we are just getting started. In 5 years, the*gameHERs' goal is to be the go-to place for women in gaming and we are quickly on our way.

With this critical raise, we will complete strategic hires and continue growing our gameHERs community and platform to unlock our new and emerging revenue streams. And with this raise, our movement can really move.