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Furry Fortune - The Movie

Own part of a family-friendly Hollywood film about a dog that sheds money!


Award-winning director, producer and composer who have worked on many successful Hollywood films
Investors will have transparency into finances and will be paid back before any profits distributed
Pre-production of film has started and principal photography starts on March 1, 2021

Our Team

CEO and Manager
Eleven year alliance with Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall and operated Robert Duvall Productions. This alliance encompassed 18 feature films, among them: Colors with Sean Penn, Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
Family films are needed in these times, and this story about family being more important than money is a timeless idea.
Director & Writer
Best First-Time Director at American Movie Awards. Began film career working for Mick Jagger at Jagged Films, then worked under talented directors including Robert Redford, Terrence Malick, Norman Jewison, James L. Brooks and Richard Donner
Casey Bond Producer
Played pro baseball for 2 years before a successful career in the entertainment industry. Acted alongside Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill in Moneyball. Produced Meanest Man in Texas with Brad Wilson which won awards in festivals throughout the world


The Problem: Audiences are looking for family-friendly entertainment

In a world with so much negativity and conflict, we believe people are looking for escapism and entertainment they can share with the whole family. Storytelling and movies have always been a strong means of connection between parents and their children, and we want to provide a film that builds on this tradition.

The Solution: A dog-centered movie with a PAW-sitive message

In 2007, author D. Goode Morgan published the book, The Furry Fortune. Thirteen years later, we’re excited to announce the upcoming release of The Furry Fortune, a movie about a dog whose fur turns into money! We have optioned the book of the same name, developed the script and attached some of the most talented filmmakers in Hollywood to get it made.

A film for the whole family

This exciting movie will show the true meaning of family and send a great message.


Note: Furry Fortune will be a live action movie, not an animated film. These storyboards are used by the director and his team to illustrate what certain scenes in the film may look like once the live action film is made.

Two twins, who are growing apart, discover their dog starts shedding money after he jumps through the end of a rainbow.

The neighbors, a malicious IRS agent, and his evil son, kidnap the money-making canine.

Then, the kids must work together to save their pet and their family! In the end, their family is far more important than any amount of money.


More than 1,200 investors to date, $450,000 raised in prior Reg CF offerings

10K social media followers and counting

Pre-production of the film began January 11:

  • Contracts are signed or in progress with the producer, writer, director, composer, executive producer, and others.
  • Letter of intent from a family film distributor in place based solely on the script
  • Established the website and social media accounts where we are building an audience. We have already seen interest from over 10,000 users on social media.
  • Script, storyboarding, movie poster art and video promo completed

We have an executive team to make it happen!

Producer Brad Wilson has been involved in over 40 feature films and television projects and has been involved with the production of films with big names such as Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, and Michael Douglas. He worked in production on films with Robert Duvall for more than a decade, and together, they always said the most important thing to making a great movie was having the right team.

Joining award-winning Producer Brad Wilson, we also have an award-winning writer, an American Movie Awards-winning director, an award-winning composer who is a member of the Songwriters' Hall of Fame, and an award-winning cinematographer.

Business model: Be a part-owner of a film

As seen with “Veronica Mars” and “Super Troopers 2,” crowdfunding a film is not a new concept. Unlike those films which did not give supporters any equity, if you invest in The Furry Fortune, you will own part of the film and share in any profits we make!

With most films, investors simply have a right to part of the cash flow from any profits. With Furry Fortune, investors will actually own part of the company that owns the film, and share in any profits from the company itself, including the film and any merchandising! 

Revenue generation is dependent on its distribution. It could be released theatrically, online, or on a streaming service. Our plan is to first pay all expenses and then any funds remaining will be profits to the company you invest in. Our intention is to use those profits to pay all investors back their investment first on a pro rata basis until all investors are paid in full, and then any remaining profits will be split by shareholders in Furry Fortune The Movie, LLC. The more shares you buy, the bigger portion of those remaining profits you could receive.

Market: Family films featuring dogs have huge potential

”Kid fiction” films have great potential, pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It’s a huge market. In 2019, the top 3 children's films alone pulled in nearly $1.5B in box office revenue. This doesn't include revenue made from merchandise, online distribution, etc. Furthermore, dog movies have seen millions in ticket sales in their opening weekends for decades. And with so many avenues for watching and streaming entertainment, it’s easier than ever to reach an audience. By tapping into Furry Fortune's pre-existing fan-base, we will be able to produce a film that grabs the attention of many.

Competition: Bringing transparency to filmmaking

Our goal is to provide transparency to our investors. When we begin production of the film, we will look to post quarterly financials for the film and our company on our website. We will not do what so many traditional Hollywood films do and use “Hollywood Accounting” to make sure certain people line their pockets, and that others do not. For example, Forrest Gump had $660 million in ticket sales, but the film was never “profitable” because certain people and companies were paid first, so there would be no “profits” in the end.

With our film, we are striving to only pay for services needed to make, market and distribute the film, and we will disclose all of this in the quarterly financials we post for our investors. If the film makes money, you will see that in the financials, and know where every dollar goes.

Vision: A film that highlights rescue animals

Many films about dogs have been lucrative money makers, and we hope to join their successes with “The Furry Fortune.” However, the vision for this film is one that goes beyond profits. Rescue animals are very important to us, and we plan to use this film as an opportunity to showcase what a blessing rescue animals can be in one way or another.

Investors: $450K+ raised from over 1200 investors

In July, we closed an equity crowdfunding offering with over $150K in investments. In November, we closed a second equity crowdfunding offering with another $300K in investments for a total of $450K. We have the ability to raise the rest of the $500,000 budget in a traditional manner from accredited investors, but have chosen to give as many investors, regardless of their income level or net worth, the chance to invest in this film to show Hollywood that the old manner of financing films can to be democratized. If the entire $500,000 budget is not raised through equity crowdfunding, then more traditional investors will be given the chance to invest the remainder of the film's budget.

Founders: An award-winning team

Brad Wilson, CEO and Manager

In 1985 Brad Wilson began an eleven year alliance with Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall, operating Robert Duvall Productions. This alliance encompassed 18 feature films, among them: Colors with Sean Penn, Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and the critically acclaimed Wrestling Ernest Hemingway with Richard Harris and Shirley MacLaine.

Justin Ward, Director and Writer

Justin Ward is the Director & Writer of The Furry Fortune. Ward began his career working in film development for Mick Jagger at Jagged Films, then went on to work under such talented directors as Robert Redford, Terrence Malick, Norman Jewison, James L. Brooks, Richard Donner, Ron Shelton and Jon Amiel. He has also worked with some of the most well-known producers in the business as well, including Arnon Milchan, Mark Tarlov, Patrick Markey, Gary Foster, Grant Hill, Brad Wilson, and Joel Silver.

Casey Bond, Producer

Casey played professional baseball for two years before moving on to his next goal in life, a successful career in the entertainment industry. This passion led to acting classes during his offseason with the Giants and an eventual move to Hollywood. Within six months of arriving in Hollywood he quickly shot to the top of the entertainment world by landing the role of Chad Bradford in the star-studded film MONEYBALL, which also starred Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip-Seymour Hoffman, Chris Pratt and Robin Wright.

Steve Dorff, Composer

Industry observers have dubbed multiple award winning Steve Dorff an enigma who has evolved into a gifted composer in every musical field. There is no way to capture the diversity he regularly displays scoring major motion pictures, television, theater, or via an array of # 1 hit songs. In addition to winning the NSAI Songwriter of the Year award, Dorff has also been honored with more than 40 BMI, and 11 Billboard #1 awards. Mr. Dorff was inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame in June, 2018.

Donna Morgan, Executive Producer

Working in the corporate world for many years, Donna wrote many stories during her spare time. She got the concept to write “THE FURRY FORTUNE” this book when her dog shed more than any other dog she had before. Stating many times, “If I had a penny for every piece of fur I cleaned up, I’d be rich” created a storyline and characters that developed into the book. After writing and publishing “THE FURRY FORTUNE”, she adapted the story into theatre format which was produced in 2016. A great stage success, the storyline and fast moving and fun actions kept the audience mesmerized.