The Pine Jump

Craft brewery roasting coffee and serving cider, wine and spirits

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The Pine Jump will be a coffee shop, brewery, cidery and restaurant combined all under one roof.
We combine an amazing experience with top quality craft beverage products.
1 of 10 Brew on Premise locations in the country. It's the ONLY place in Pennsylvania where customers can brew their own beer!
Easy Expansion for huge growth though franchising or other company locations.

Our Founder

I’ve only been to one establishment where they have customers all hours of the day, McDonalds.  Most companies focus on breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.  So why can’t I have my version of McDonalds in the fast casual setting for beverages?  Starbucks is trying to do it with wine at night in some stores.  Now is the time to capitalize!

Local Craft - Hough’s Taproom & CKB

I opened the doors of my first company, Hough's Taproom, in 2010 - and it’s been a fun and exciting journey that’s taken us in many different directions.  

Craft beer was new to Pittsburgh, PA

Not too much was happening in Pittsburgh, PA with the craft beer scene when I started.  There were a couple of bars and restaurants just starting to get into selling craft beer, but not many.  We stepped in and opened a craft beer bar that now boast 70 taps and over 100 bottles.  Then, in 2010 we opened the Copper Kettle Brewing Company (CKB) right next store!  This gave customers the ULTIMATE brewing experience by letting them brew their own beer.  It took awhile to open because we were the first to do it in the state of PA!


The craft beer business took off in Pittsburgh and everyone wanted craft beer.  Our business was doing good and we started to look for places to expand too.  That’s when I decided to take a step back and look at the future of craft beer, restaurants and the vision moving forward.

Next: The Pine Jump

Over the past couple of years, I realized that customers didn’t want just any craft beer on the menu, they wanted local!!!  And they wanted it made at the place where they are drinking it.  That is why I decided to start The Pine Jump - a brew your own beer, coffee roaster, and bar all in one!  It will have what the customers want.....fresh local products made in their neighborhood. 

We’re ready to go.........We’ve already purchased the coffee roaster!  We just need additional funds to finish the build out of a location we've already purchased.

Investors in this raise are investing in The Pine Jump (The PMD Crew, LLC).  We hope to open two locations under that name over the course of the next couple of years - one in Bloomfield, and one in Pine Richland.