The True Tale of Thomas Giacomaro: Con Man, Mob Guy, Fugitive, FBI Informant


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📙 Docuseries based on the memoir, THE KING Of CON, by Thomas Giacomaro and Natasha Stoynoff.
💲 Investors recoup 125% of their investment upon sale of the docuseries to a network.
🎬 A $1,200,000 development fund for Part 1 of a 3-part docuseries.
💰 After sale of the docuseries to a network, investors make 50% of ongoing profits.
💲 Our attached team has produced TV/film projects earning hundreds of millions of 💲 in revenue.
🗄 Our database includes thousands of pages of FBI files and interviews with Thomas Giacomaro.
🎥 We have relationships with networks including Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Discovery, A&E, and more.
🏆 Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe Award-winning team attached to the docuseries.

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To entertain and enlighten with this dramatic story of greed and redemption. To create multiple revenue streams that will provide an ongoing, long-term profit opportunity for investors.

The Genius, The Moolah, The Con, The Mob, The's CATCH ME IF YOU CAN meets GOODFELLAS meets WALL STREET. And it's all true.

Celebrated suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark said of her one-time friend and business associate, Thomas Giacomaro: "I may have a great imagination...but I never could have invented Giacomaro."

Thomas Giacomaro is both the talent and subject of this docuseries, in addition to being the only board member of the production company.


Thomas Giacomaro started his infamous career in the mob-laden New Jersey trucking industry as a teenaged office gopher. A charming, brash, natural salesman with street smarts and a genius-level IQ, he soon climbed to the top of any business he touched--a boy wonder. Until his lust for money, power, and his liaisons with organized crime sent him spiraling into a world of drugs and violence. Forced to go on the lam in South Africa and Europe, he returned to NJ with millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds stuffed in his underwear. And that's just for starters.

Then came his deal with the FBI to become a Special Crime Informant. But Tommy's no rat--and no dummy. He strung the Feds along, kept the mob happy, and forged a new career as a white collar, high finance scammer who lured celebrities to invest millions in his new business schemes. All under the watchful eye of the FBI, wink-wink. all came crashing down again, and he ended up in prison. But even behind bars, he was the ultimate "king" of cons--hustling the wardens, the doctors, the guards, his fellow inmates. He thrived and got himself out early to boot.

How'd he do it? Even his former friend and victim, whodunnit crime novelist Mary Higgins Clark, couldn't figure it out. 

With this docuseries, we'll find out from the King 👑  himself.



Whether you invest $100 or $100,000, once we reach our production goal of $1.25 million and sell our series to a network...investors receive 125% of their investment and 50% of ongoing profits.


Investor’s name and photo will be included in the "Thank You" mosaic on THE KING OF CON website. 

Investor receives access to online, members-only video footage and updates during development and production of the docuseries. Plus, previous perk.

Investor receives a special "Thank You" with Investor’s name in the credits of the docuseries. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives an autographed copy of the memoir, “The King of Con,” and an "Associate Producer" certificate. Plus, previous perks.

The first 50 Investors receive invitations for two to the Cast and Crew Screening of the docuseries. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives an invitation to be an "Extra" cast member in the docuseries. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives a special invitation to an Exclusive Cast and Crew Meet & Greet Event. Plus, previous perks.

The first 7 Investors receive an "Associate Producer" credit on the docuseries. Plus, previous perks.

Investor receives an "Executive Producer" credit on the docuseries. Plus, previous perks. 


THE KING OF CON in PEOPLE magazine, October 2018:


...the Award-Winning LUMINARIES attached to THE KING OF CON:                     

⚡️BARRY LEVINSON: Executive Producer/Director of THE KING OF CON television project.

Oscar and Golden Globe-winning director/writer/producer Barry Levinson is one of the most revered filmmakers of this generation. His blockbusters include Rain Man (Academy Award for Best Director), The Natural, Good Morning, Vietnam, Wag the Dog, Bugsy (Golden Globe for Best Picture), …And Justice for All, The Perfect Storm, Donnie Brasco, and Diner—most produced by his film production company, Baltimore Pictures. With Levinson’s TV production group, The Levinson/Fontana Company, the iconic filmmaker produced small screen hits including NBC’s Homicide: Life on the Street, HBO’s prison drama Oz, and the Emmy-nominated, Wizard of Lies. Currently in its third season, Levinson and TV partner Tom Fontana are executive producers (with Oscar winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) of the Showtime hit crime series, City on a Hill.

⚡️TOM FONTANA: Writing Executive Producer/Showrunner of THE KING OF CON television project.

Emmy-winning screenwriter/producer/playwright Tom Fontana created acclaimed TV and film projects including Oz, St. Elsewhere, The Philanthropist, Homicide: Life on the Street, and HBO's Wizard of Lies. Fontana’s dedication to projects that enlighten and lift the human spirit earned him four Peabody Awards and the Humanitas Prize, described as the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize for American television. With producing partner Barry Levinson, the sought after showrunner currently executive produces the hit Showtime series, City on a Hill.

⚡️JASON SOSNOFF: Executive Producer of THE KING OF CON television project.

As Head of Development & Production at Barry Levinson’s Baltimore Pictures, Jason Sosnoff helmed the Emmy-nominated, biographical television film Wizard of Lies, based on the life of notorious con man, Bernie Madoff (starring Robert De Niro). Sosnoff’s forte is the true-to-life docudrama, which he has explored with the gang-drama Magic Men, the political documentary Poliwood, and HBO’s bio-drama Paterno, starring Al Pacino. His scripted collaborations with Levinson include The Humbling (also starring Pacino) and the Bill Murray comedy, Rock the Kasbah.

⚡️NICHOLAS PILEGGI: Executive Producer of THE KING OF CON television project.

Pileggi adapted his New York Times best-seller, Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family,  for the screen with legendary film director Martin Scorsese to make the modern pop culture classic, Goodfellas (nominated for six Oscars). For his subsequent book, Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas, he teamed up with Scorsese again to make the Oscar-nominated, Casino—both films starring Robert De Niro. Pileggi’s other films include City Hall (starring Al Pacino), Kings of South Beach (starring Donnie Wahlberg), American Gangster (starring Russell Crowe), and the TV series Vegas (starring Dennis Quaid). With De Niro and Scorsese, Pileggi executive-produced the American epic crime drama, The Irishman, which premiered at the 2019 New York Film Festival and received ten Oscar nominations at the 2020 Academy Awards.

⚡️NATASHA STOYNOFF: Writer/Executive Producer/Managing Director of Production of THE KING OF CON television project.

New York Times bestselling author Natasha Stoynoff has written 13 books and is the co-author of The King of Con with Thomas Giacomaro. Specializing in memoirs, Natasha’s book, Captive (co-written with Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg) was made into a Lifetime movie; her book, Nurturing Healing Love (co-written with Sandy Hook mother, Scarlett Lewis) is in pre-production with O4 Entertainment. As a journalist, Natasha has been a reporter/photographer/columnist at The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, TIME, The Washington Post, USA Today, and PEOPLE magazine where she won the Time Inc. Henry R. Luce Award for Excellence in Journalism twice and was named one of the magazine’s “Most Intriguing People of 2016.”

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Remember being a kid and sitting in a movie theatre? The lights dim, the crowd hushes: Magic Time. Everybody wants a part of it. Everyone loves a captivating character who takes us on a thrilling roller-coaster ride. With this docuseries we invite you to become a behind-the-scenes, mover-and-shaker in the Entertainment Biz like those bigwigs they gush about in Vanity Fair and Variety. Join our storytelling, money-earning, magic-making team and transform your destiny. 

Thomas Giacomaro is both the talent and subject of this docuseries, in addition to being the only board member of the production company.