The Influence Board

A Modern Approach to the Management of Unsolicited Meeting Requests that's Efficient and Gracious

Last Funded October 2023


raised from 36 investors


Secure meetings faster by incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact
A unique Win/Win/Win for Business Leaders, Salespeople and Charities.
Issued a Process Patent for "Securing Meetings by Donating to Charity"!
Each dollar invested acts as a force multiplier to generate a new source of funds for charities.

Our Team

A Modern Approach to Sales Outreach

"Getting the Meeting" is often the most difficult part of the sales process, and the greatest single determinant to making a sale. We worked with the hardest-to-access business leaders to come to agreement on the ideal way to get in their doors - the process that they would actively participate in and endorse. They wanted just three things:

  • Pre-filter the meeting requests for relevancy against my needs and interests
  • Limit, even the relevant requests, to a manageable number
  • Incorporate a "social impact" each time I accept a new exploratory meeting

The Influence Board is designed and endorsed by business leaders as the preferred "cold-outreach" process to secure a meeting. We see meeting acceptance rates in the 20% - 40% range which is unheard of for cold outreach sales processes.

Profitability and Philanthropy are no longer rivals.  The Influence Board brings them together in a unique Win/Win/Win solution.  It’s a win for the executives being able to get exposure to filtered, relevant conversations.  A win for the salespeople who are able to quickly secure meetings they could never have gotten cold-calling, and a win for the charities as they tap into an entirely new revenue stream in the form of business development budgets.