The Devil’s Circle

A horror movie based on an East Coast legend

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Produced by an award-winning company with lots of horror film experience
Previously crowdfunded for the recently filmed "Martingale" (now in editing)
Connections to top-level, Hollywood talent
Our fourth feature film

Our Team

Horror is probably the most fun and unrestrained film genre that exists and telling a supposedly true story such as this can potentially compel audiences even more than your run-of-the-mill indie feature.

An Indie Feature Primed For Financial Success

Jon Jed Films, the up-and-comer horror production house and architect behind the project, has partnered with Adventus, a well-oiled film company in the Pacific Northwest. To date, Adventus has internally produced three feature films in the horror and thriller genres in various stages of production. But that's just the tip of the iceberg: Chris Taylor, the creative force behind Adventus, has well over 50 films to his name, working on crews in key capacities, and his company's cinematography work has turned up ten movie awards in the “Best of”, “Audience Choice” and “Best Cinematography” categories.

This team knows how to create great genre films on a small budget. And because of how well accepted horror is in the film market, The Devil’s Circle is primed for great success with its audience.

The Budget

Cinematic Marketability at a Lesser Cost

Low-budget movies like The Devil’s Circle are usually funded by indie film producers or investors who want to test the waters within this market. These projects are much lower risk than the million dollar blockbusters we usually see, but they still provide good earning potential and establish the same integrity and communal predilection among filmmakers. It supports the independent film community and maintains our Pacific Northwest region’s ability to produce quality content.

Our #1 goal financially is to see our investors recoup their money. After that, the percentages you earn are determined by the number of shares purchased. The total budget for The Devil’s Circle is $150,000. We need a minimum of $50,000 to "greenlight" the project and begin pre-production, and with a minimum of $75,000. raising the rest through future equity, production company points or donation crowdfunding, we can finish the entire movie. With the lesser amount, however, we'll lack the funds to afford any name-talent, which would be crucial for promoting and helping market it to a broader audience.

The Market

Indie Horror Movies SELL

Coherence, Found, The Invoking: these are movies most people know nothing about. But all three are horror films made in the last few years that have at least tripled the amount it cost to make them - and without the use of big name talent. It's very common for an independent producer to strike a six-figure deal on a micro-budget feature, especially in this genre. For a movie like The Devil's Circle, made for $100-150k, this opens up a big window of opportunity to see a profit and it certainly depends on the quality of the movie and how we leverage our distribution channels.

As soon as we complete post-production on The Devil's Circle, we'll immediately find channels to give it visibility and get it on the market - and we'll do that by showcasing it film festivals around the world, press (usually online these days) and early distributor and sales representation solicitation. With movies, it's all about about perceived quality and an implied entertainment value, usually through trailer and artwork (movie poster) creation. This is something our team is great at doing within very economical means while getting it through what we'll refer to as "Stage 1" of the marketing process: getting the distributor's attention. Once it's in their hands, they take their own liberties with marketing to reach the largest audience possible. We'll call this "Stage 2" which in essence, is building the movie's brand. But reaching that point  also means we've completed the most difficult steps as filmmakers and it's up to the audience to decide how successful the movie is!

We appreciate you taking a look at our campaign and we hope to see you at the wrap party and cast & crew screening as an investor or Producer!

Wrap party for the feature film "Martingale"