Sustainable vegan supplements in the first biodegradable pill bottle

Last Funded May 2022


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☀️ First vegan company ever selected into Techstars accelerator program
🌿 Rapid 630% growth in 2021 over 2020
🍊 Last startup by CEO was successfully acquired by streaming giant Gaia
🌼 The number of vegans has grown by 3,000% in 15 years

Our Team

We are vegans and we deeply care about animals and our planet. The US supplement industry contributes to the killing of 24 billion animals and creates 1.8 billion plastic pill bottles. We are here to change that by leading a sustainability revolution in the supplement market.

Our Advisors

Why Terraseed?

The manufacturing and distribution of health supplements wreak havoc on the environment. The $54B supplement industry is single-handedly responsible for the deaths of over 24 billion animals, and for polluting the earth with 1.8 billion plastic pill bottles each year. At Terraseed, we’re on a mission to disrupt the supplement industry with ethical solutions—both for the wellness of our vegan community and for the health of our planet.

The current options for plant-based supplements contribute to environmental destruction with harmful ingredient sourcing and packaging. Terraseed is a breath of fresh air in the explosive plant-based market, with ethically sourced, sustainable, and complete nutrition—in 100% biodegradable packaging.

People with a plant-based lifestyle often struggle to get proper nutrition. Historically, their options have included taking numerous supplements a day, spending an inordinate amount of time and money preparing whole foods, or going against their core values to meet their health needs.

Everyone can benefit from ethical supplements, so Terraseed is here to serve the plant-based community and beyond. We’re building a powerful lineup of the most sustainable nutritional supplements in 6 key categories: vitamins B, C, and D, Omegas, multivitamins, and vegan protein. These will be available in major retailers such as Target, Wholefoods, Walgreens and Walmart.

75% of Americans take supplements, and they want better options. Sustainable packaging is listed as a key factor in the majority of Americans’ purchasing decisions. Our ethical product and biodegradable packaging is the obvious choice careful consumers have been waiting for.

80% of vegans and the majority of Americans take supplements daily. Having to piece together complete nutrition from multiple sources is wasteful and confusing. Terraseed makes it easy for sustainably-minded consumers to meet their nutritional requirements with a vegan multivitamin that improves energy and overall health... all while doing no harm to animals and the environment.

Our multivitamin with 9 essential nutrients was developed by expert plant-based nutritionists. And our commitment to health extends to the natural world, too—we're proud to source all our ingredients in low-impact, eco-friendly ways. For example, our Omega 3 comes from sustainably-farmed algae, to avoid any harmful impact to wild marine ecosystems.

Our small but fast-growing community has already had a huge impact on animals, our environment, and our planet. And we’re only getting started…

Our supplements are the first to come in totally biodegradable packaging. From our corn-based shrink sleeve to our bottle made from biodegradable cellulose, every component is made with our planet’s health in mind. Biodegradable cellulose takes just months to break down, compared to plastic which can take over 450 years.

Plant-based products are gaining traction, and the business world is paying attention. As the first-ever vegan startup to receive funding from renowned accelerator Techstars, our founders are taking this opportunity to leverage their expertise to help fellow companies in the 2021 cohort become more ethical and sustainable.

We’ve already grown our revenue to almost $14,000 a month with a 7:1 LTV:CAC ratio. The supplement industry has 12% year over year growth. We’re growing 50X faster than that... Thanks to our mission to grow a healthy and plant-based planet and speak our truth, our retention rate is 93% after the first bottle in our direct-to-consumer model. That’s incredible.

A huge and fast-growing number of Americans now identify as vegan, vegetarian, or mostly plant-based, and this group alone spends almost $20B annually on supplements. Consumers are growing increasingly tired of destructive products. As more and more turn to environmentally responsible products and packaging in the $54B supplements market, our market multiplies.

Our community uses their buying power to change the world: our convenient subscription model has an unbelievable 93% renewal rate! Thanks to an eager and devoted audience, we experience 26% month-over-month growth, and our customers inspire others to do good for their bodies and the planet

We’ve been honored with the Most Environmentally Responsible Packaging of 2020 Nexty Award. We’ve also been featured in Yahoo Money, VegNews, and many other outlets.

Through 3 startups and 1 successful exit, Terraseed founders have a record of working together to make incredible gains for the health of people and the planet. Boasting a combined 19 years in digital and wellness industries, this team played a large role in propelling Gaia into the international spotlight as the world leader in conscious media production

With few options available for complete, transparent nutrition, vegans are forced to buy multiple products, creating more waste...until now. Our direct-to-consumer model eliminates this problem and checks all the boxes that matter to our environmentally conscious market.

We’re looking to increase our yearly revenue by 20X in just 3 years, and we’re on track to do just that. First, we focus on the unique challenges of the vegan market, ensuring that our supplements are kind to all. Then, we’ll take on the $54B supplement business, eliminating plastic bottles and harmful practices.

From kids' vitamins to vegan prenatals, we have big plans for our future product lines. And with those big plans, big impact! 

More people than ever before are embracing a plant-based lifestyle. Help us shape the future of supplements by joining the earth-friendly revolution. Reap the benefits of our products AND our fast-growing market!