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Invest in TEMPLE I

Own real estate for $100


Student Housing complex by Temple U 💎
Fully occupied and cash-flowing 🗝️
$21,250 June income ($255K/annualized) (for TEMPLE I, LLC, not the entity in this offering) 💰
Seen on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Forbes and more ✅
150% valuation increase since first raise 📈
Cash out in 12 months via NYCE app 📲
Defer capital gains tax 😎
Wealth academy membership 💎

Our Team

Millennial minorities have inherited the worst economic conditions in history: Trillions in debt and a racial wealth gap that will take 228 years to close. We want to solve that by creating 100K millionaires through real estate ownership, financial literacy and community. Think of a “Goldman Sachs” for the 99% vs. 1%. 💥

The Project

This is an opportunity to invest in NYCE’s TEMPLE I aka “The Tech Mansion,” our smart-tech powered coliving/accelerator in our Philicon Square tech community by Temple University.

(We recently closed TEMPLE II, the third record-setting sellout for NYCE.)

Built in 2021, this 17-bed/coliving unit property is currently leased out, cash-flowing and operated by Outpost Club, a premier New York/Philly-based coliving management company.

The complex is an official housing partner of Temple University’s Fox Business School, ensuring a healthy pipeline of tenant inflow. (And tons of press.)

Philicon Square: A Silicon Valley-inspired neighborhood

TEMPLE I is Phase 1 of a three-phase 105-unit co-living development by Temple University. 

Powered by Temple University’s Fox Business School, resident members live and work, participate in workshops and mentoring and get to win cash prizes and pitch investors

Inspired by Silicon Valley, we’re building a “hustler’s haven” tech district for students, creators and entrepreneurs to build the next unicorn. 

(Note: Read more about the Hacker House concept in the attached deck.)

Temple U rental market: Record applications, enrollments & rents

At our current rates, there’s still upside to raise rents as the Coliving concept matures and the TEMPLE II complex gets built.



A SAFE, which would convert to equity in any subsequent recapitalization or inside 24 months, whichever happens first. Your investment is protected with the SAFE’s valuation cap.

This means that in the event the property appraises at a hypothetical $2.7M valuation in 2023 your SAFE would convert at a valuation of $2.47M (at a 5% discount on the valuation cap of $2.6M). However this discount is reserved only for investors investing right now, and not for those who invest later.

These are the projections based on the average rent per bed of Diamond Green, our nearest comparable property, built in 2012 (vs. 2021 for TEMPLE). 

Per the projections, TEMPLE I would secure a $2.83M valuation in 2023 (not guaranteeed).


In 12 months, you’ll be eligible to trade your investment using the NYCE app, just like you trade Amazon on Robinhood. As the SAFE converts to equity, investors receive dividends according to ownership percentage—all inside the app.