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A personalized and gamified financial experience designed to help you build your first $250,000!

Last Funded August 2023


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🦾 Our subscription revenue is up more than 700% YOY
🤑 Generated more than $190K in lifetime revenue
🆒 Our longest user has been using our Financial Academy for more than 20 months️
🥸 Users increase their Liquid Net Worth by 83% on average after using our tools for 90 days

Our Team

I was tired of working for a Broker-Dealer that incentivized insurance premiums and AUM over financial education or the success of the client. Financial advice and education should be accessible to those that need it the most - lower income & individuals with lower financial literacy.


Tech & Flow was born from 10+ years of planning...

One hot summer day I was 17 years old, living in the Maryland area at the time, but was in Harrisburg, PA for the day walking along the Riverwalk. During this time I was questioning my life... wondering what "I was going to do when I grew up"... I knew that I liked people, I enjoyed studying economics, I wanted to learn how to be better with money & investing (unlike I was taught), and that I liked the ability to control my income & schedule. So in the moment I decided that the Financial Services world was for me!

I joined an internship with a top 10 internship program, was top 100 out of a couple thousand interns and away my career went. Shortly after joining I launched a basketball company, I worked with a couple hundred athletes, ran a league that NBA players played in. I bounced around a couple other financial firms only to end at the firm I started with.

I spent 4 years building a Financial Planning practice only to realize I could do more and serve my community if I were to make the jump and start my own company. During the 4 years I built my practice I ended up working with a number of Software Engineers who became my best clients and friends. It was then that I realized technology was the answer.

The problems we are looking to solve:

The US ranks 14th in the world for Financial Literacy

1. The average consumer in the US has poor money making habits that has led to ~35% of people to not be able to cover a $400 unexpected expense and total consumer debt to increase to ~$16.2T.

2. Financial Advisors aren't incentivized to educate clients. Instead they are compensated for the sale of insurance products or investment management with the best advice often reserved for clients with $250K+ AUM. 

3. Consumers lack financial education. According to a survey completed by the National Financial Educators Council lack of financial literacy is costing the average consumer ~$1,389/year and 6 in 10 people state they are financially stressed. 

4. Consumer debts have crept to an all time high! With credit card debts alone equaling more than $1T. That's $1,000,000,000,000!

Now if you have studied economics or finance for any length of time you would know that these aren't new problems. So why are we motivated to fix them now?

We are in a Financial Revolution!

  • In 2020 & 2021 there were more people opened investment accounts than ever before. 
  • Of these new accounts ~66% of the people have never had an investment account. 
  • These people also tended to be younger, earn lower incomes, and were more racially/ethnically diverse.
  • Gone are the days of a person working 40+ years for a company and then retiring in their late 60s or 70s. People want to retire sooner.
  • Consumer demand for financial education is at an all time high. ~80% of adults state they wish they had learned financial literacy in school
  • The wealth gap continues to widen. As of the end of 2021 the top 10% of people owned ~76% of the total share wealth worldwide. 

Our Solution is to develop an innovative financial planning experience that educates the user and provides the user with the actionable steps to change their financial position for good.

We also understand that human nature is to seek entertainment, the easiest path and instant gratification. Making good financial decisions often does none of those. So we took it a step further and decided that to change this we need to make financial planning & the path to learning easier, relatable & create instant results. With our unique gamification model we feel that we can achieve this objective.

Although our company is still young we have already had big wins!

1. People are talking about us.

  • Check us out in the St. Pete Catalyst

2. Our subscription revenue is up 700%+ YTD.

3. Our agency revenue is up 250%+ YTD

4. Our users have positive ratings for us!

  • Check out our Google Profile here

5. We are well on our way to our MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

6. Our B2B solution is proving to be a good fit.

Forward-looking financials are projections and not guaranteed.

I am sure by now you can tell that we are passionate about what we do. I'm sure that you can also understand and relate to the problem we are seeking to solve. Now you might be thinking who are these people serving?

There are ~166M Americans under 40 in the US = ~51% of the population

Of these 166M Americans roughly 78% of them are currently using FinTech apps to interact with their money. Some of the notable companies we will address in the following slides that will better paint a picture of our industry landscape. 

With our focus on our community we feel that we can reasonably capture 400K Users each paying $9.99/Month = ~$4M/MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). This is not considering additional revenue outside of subscription revenue. 

We understand that we can't help everyone. But we have a proven track record in our community. We have designed our solutions with them in mind. 

🏆 Athletes

🎭 Creatives

💻 Techies

Furthermore, many of the people in our community have the following challenges:

1. Struggle with saving money & managing cash flow. 

2. Seek rewards or gamification elements from the merchants they do business with. 

3. Have less than $250K liquid.

4. Focused on maximizing earning potential.

5. Would like to "retire" sooner than the age 65 status quo. 

6. Feel taken advantage of due to lack of financial knowledge.

7. Would like to be connected to a community of like-minded individuals. 

Can you or someone you care for relate to being one of these people? If so, we are building a solution that will take you from paycheck-to-paycheck to scaling a million dollar entity. 

We offer a solution that combines the resources that a business owner would need to attract & retain key talent with what an individual needs to change their financial life forever.

1. Building a company solely on subscriptions can be risky. 

2. We also understand that once users are empowered and have knowledge they will want to take action. 

3. Lastly, acquiring one user at a time with a lifetime value of ~$150 isn't efficient. 

Considering these statements we have multiple streams of revenue and are able to retain the value of each user by offering additional solutions as their needs change. 

Forward-looking financials are projections and not guaranteed.

We aren't blind to how competitive our industry is however we feel we have a unique offering.

1. There aren't many financial solutions designed to help the low-income or minority communities.

2. There isn't a solution that blends Investing/Wealth Building with Money Management Tools & Financial Education.

3. We have designed our solution to solve our communities challenges. Starting with education that will enable our users to get to their first $250K of Liquid Net Worth.

4. In the web3 era solutions that provide tokens, rewards, gamification are yielding the most success with millennials. (These are the next leaders in society)

As a potential investor you want to know that we are doing everything in our power to make the company grow and in return your money. We have developed a 4 pronged attack to positioning our solution to as many people.

1. Community - we have a community of ~40 users in our slack channel. The community is designed to allow users to share ideas with us, with each other and provide support to our users from our expert partners.

2. Financial Wellness Program - we have partnered with a business consulting firm to develop an employee benefits solution using our IP (Intellectual Property). This firm is helping us create a game that can be tailored to each company that will boost employee retention, engagement and produce a valuable form of non-monetary compensation.

3. Coach/Advisor Channel - part of our business model is having coaches/advisors to be able to supplement the resources we provide through Flow App & Financial Academy. Our coaches/advisors are often the first line of communication directly with the user and represent the majority of our sales to date.

4. Crowd Investing/Email - enable early adopters to be incentivized for purchasing our solutions and reap the benefits of our success. We currently have a list of ~2,000 emails who have subscribed. We are focused on building this database.

We have a strong team! Collectively our team has more than 50 years of business, marketing, legal & technology experience. We believe are equipped to scale this company well beyond an 9-figure valuation (although that's not guaranteed).

Your investment will allow us to achieve our first deadline of launching our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in May 2023. During this time contributors to this campaign and our existing clients will have access to the application to help us identify how it should be improved. Once we have gathered this data we will make the edits and focus on launching a Beta in 3Q 2023 via a Launch Party. We will simultaneously be focused on completing our second round of funding. 

**Disclosure: these are the current plans developed by our Board and are subject to change.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for your time & consideration. You are the best part of the Tech & Flow family. Remember to scan the QR code below and like, subscribe & follow. 

For those that have an interest in seeing what our educational experience is like you can click the image below to be directed to the sample course.