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Helping nonprofits reach an audience, raise money, and create local engagement

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Nonprofits focus on their area of impact while we take care of their marketing/fundraising efforts.
A platform that brings people together to support community causes.
A way to discover and support local nonprofits.

Our Team

I helped a friend move between apartments and he wanted to pay me for helping. But I didn't do it for the money and I was happy to help. So I suggested that he pay it forward by donating to a nonprofit. At that moment, I realized people could help one another to support nonprofits in a new way - not just by donating or volunteering.


The Problem

Small to medium sized nonprofit organizations struggle to reach an audience and raise funding. 

The current solution involves:

1. [DIY] The nonprofit executive does it themselves which takes away effort from the impact they're trying to make.

2. [High Fixed Costs] The nonprofit hires an outside marketing agency where they have to commit to spending thousands of dollars per month.

3. [High Fixed Costs] The nonprofit hires an in-house fundraising and marketing manager which significantly increases administrative costs. 

The Solution: TaskCause

TaskCause: a mobile marketplace for nonprofits to reach a new audience and a place for people to support nonprofits in various ways. 

Nonprofits pay a small subscription fee of $10/per month to get listed. From there, they only pay additional fees on the money raised (5%) and the audience reached($1/member). With a low subscription fee of $10/month, the nonprofits can get started without a big commitment. 

Not only that, with additional fees only on the funds raised and the audience reached, the marketing and fundraising efforts scales as the organization grows. 

How It Works

1. Nonprofits commit to a 1 year agreement for getting listed on the TaskCause app.

2. TaskCause raises awareness and funding for nonprofits. 

3. After on-boarding, people can donate directly, request tasks they need done from locals, and/or volunteer to help one another to raise money for the cause.

Where Are We Now?

-We've bootstrapped TaskCause. The app can be found on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and on the web browser. We're continuously making improvements.

-We've met and discussed with a lot of nonprofit organizations. We've signed 6 nonprofit organizations for the pilot program and signed one nonprofit for the paid program. We're continuously testing, re-iterating, and working towards product market fit while onboarding nonprofits passionate about our cause. 

Business Model

TaskCause provides marketing services for nonprofit organizations. We raise awareness and funding for them. 

Currently, we're charging $10/mo to get listed, 5% transaction fee, and $1/member fixed fee. On top of that, when people donate, they have the option to tip our platform. 

Over time, as we build an audience, we're looking to provide marketing services for nonprofits to reach an audience and raise funding. 

What's Next?

With your investment, we'll be able to continue software development of TaskCause and build a business around it.

Our short term goal is to scale the platform and prove the business locally in Milwaukee before trying to expand to other cities. 

Why Invest?

1. End the divide

TaskCause is a platform that's bringing people together for a shared cause. Our mission is to show people that while we're not exactly the same - we value, want, and need the same for our community. 

2. Create a new and accessible way to give

Give people a new tool to discover and support local nonprofit causes. Through the convenience of a mobile app, passionate supporters can get involved in various ways.

3. Bring causes to life

Well all have a cause, a reason for why we do what we do. TaskCause makes it easier for us to support them.

We look forward to having you join our company as an investor. Thank you for supporting our mission!