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$9M valuation cap
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In 12 months we project over 23,000 new customers
We have developed our own proprietary AI avatar technology (Real Clones)
We have already generated more revenue than our initial investment.
We have an opted in email list of 150,000+ that have expressed interest in Syllaby

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✅ Invest as little as $100 to invest early in our FAST growing AI marketing tool, Syllaby that's been growing by 10% month-over-month!

What Is Syllaby.Io?

We started as a social media marketing agency. We proved what worked not only for our own business, but over and over again for our clients. We took our repeatable process and turned it into Syllaby! This could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours by not having to hire an expensive agency to do this for you!

Syllaby let’s you find the top questions your customers are searching for online. TikTok and YouTube are search engines after all! Using these prompts, you can create video scripts and videos that you know your customers are searching for, to convert more viewers into leads!

We also offer a content calendar and consistency tracker, so you can keep yourself accountable and build the habit of content creation!

We've also just recently added a built-in video editor and direct social media publishing! This allows you to ideate, create, and publish, all in one streamlined process within Syllaby!

How We Make Money And Why You Should Invest With Us Today.

  • We have a traditional SaaS subscription model where users pay monthly.
  • We launched Syllaby 9 months ago and already 16,500+ new customers have signed up for Syllaby!
  • We are averaging ~1000+ new customer signups every month
  • Our current MRR is ~$77,000/month and growing every month
  • Our current customer acquisition per customer cost is ~$10 because we've grown from organic social media marketing and word of mouth.
  • We have over 2700 affiliates selling Syllaby for a 30% commission
  • Current subscriber lifetime value is $231.46 which is increasing by ~20% each month

Check Out Our Highly Engaged Social Media Presence!

We have just begun an incredible movement online! Syllaby has a dedicated and very active Facebook group of 3600 members, over 25,000 social media followers, and an opted in email list of 165,000+ people who have expressed interest in Syllaby.

What Customers Are Saying About Syllaby!

Our Plan For Using The Money Invested To Grow Syllaby

We are a product and marketing-led team at Syllaby, and that's exactly how we plan on continuing our incredible growth. Our plan is as follows:

  • Continue hiring dedicated engineers and product owners to speed up our product and feature roadmaps for enhanced video editing capabilities and expand our custom content scheduler for social media channels.
  • Developing mid-market and enterprise-tier solutions with annual contracts for higher ticket sales with a focus on Healthcare and Real Estate
  • Hiring a dedicated sales team
  • Building out our online communities for network effect
  • Influencer marketing campaign across social media
  • Paid advertising across social media and Google search ads
  • Paid advertising behind our founder's social media presence(currently 2.7 million followers)

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(**future projections are not guaranteed)

(Only $124k of the $2M will be solicited through Wefunder. Future projections are not guaranteed.)