Swift Rails, Inc.

Forever Sustainable Transportation - environmentally and financially

Last Funded April 2024


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Revolutionary new transportation designed, tested and demonstrated
USPTO notice of patent issuance September 2023
A strong and unmistakable trend is emerging towards individualized transit
5 times faster, 40 times less expensive, zero emissions and 100 times safer

Our Team

We are passionate about the environment. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gases and a multi-trillion dollar market. It’s a place where we can have a big positive impact. The number of vehicles doubles every 20 years and we are running out of room for more roads. The path we are on is simply unsustainable. We can do much better!

Forever Sustainable Transportation - environmentally and financially

Swift Rails is a new type of on-demand transit that is 5x faster and 40x less expensive than conventional light-rail.

Swift Rails uses autonomous 1-4 person vehicles traveling rapidly on a highway of ultra-light rails. Vehicles are hailed by app and deliver passengers directly to their destination with zero emissions. The rails are elevated 12-15 ft. above the traffic (and pedestrians, animals, wet roads and snow) using a pole similar in size to a light post and they install quickly and easily almost anywhere.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We Make Installing Transit Easy by Radically Changing the Cost Equation

Our low cost, quick installation and tiny footprint completely changes how transit can be applied by eliminating the biggest hurdles to implementation. In many cases, we can build a system for the time and cost of studying conventional transit projects.

People Who See Our Vehicle Love Our Concept

Just about anyone who sees our vehicle in person immediately “gets it”. We’ve had over 1,000 people sit in the vehicle and responses have been overwhelmingly positive. They want Swift Rails in their hometown, and many are bursting with ideas of other places where it would be great.

Your Investment Will Introduce Transportation That Changes the World

Solving Climate Change

    • 2.4 gigatons of annual carbon reduction projected by 2040*

Making Transportation Safer

    • Estimated 10 million annual traffic injuries avoided by 2040*

Improving Life

    • Reduce air pollution, congestion and stress

    • Make travel fun again

    • Free up green space and make cities more livable

Making a Great Return

    • Things that transform the world have great returns on investment

We will work incredibly hard to make your return worthwhile

* please see our Impact Report at https://www.swiftrails.com/world-changing-impact/ for more detail