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8,000 events, 450 communities, and 83,000 attendees in the first year
4x our valuation from 1.5 years ago

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SweatPals is creating a marketplace serving sports and fitness communities. SweatPals app connects fitness enthusiasts to these communities and builds social networks based on shared fitness interests.

✔️ In just a little over a year (15 months), SweatPals has seen remarkable growth, launching in three cities and accumulating 40,000 members across 470 distinct fitness & sports communities. By redefining fitness & sports communities and treating them as a viable career path, we're on a mission to make them more accessible and ubiquitous than ever.


If you are a fitness or sports solopreneur looking to monetize your passion, you have to stitch together multiple tools for marketing, web design, event management, payment collection, and communication. Eventually, these admin duties take up over 70% of your time.

On the consumer side, there has been a big shift towards healthier habits in Gen Z and millennials. However, these communities are often difficult to discover. There are no central platforms and you'll have to jump from website to website or rely on word of mouth to find the right community.


SweatPals is a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting fitness communities and fitness enthusiasts.

✔️ On one side, we empower fitness and sports leaders to create communities & monetize their passion by providing essential tools like ticketing, group chats, and waivers.

✔️ On the other side of this marketplace, we offer a discovery and social platform for communities and events for fitness enthusiasts.


In just 1.5 years, SweatPals has seen remarkable growth, launching in Austin, Miami, and Houston, and accumulating almost 40,000 active app users across 470 distinct communities.

SweatPals is uniquely positioned to transform the landscape of the fitness and wellness industry.

Market Opportunity

The United States represents a dynamic and rapidly evolving fitness and wellness market, underscoring the substantial opportunities for platforms like SweatPals. As of 2022, approximately 700,000 fitness communities are encompassing various activities such as run clubs, yoga clubs, sound healing, cycling teams, etc. These communities are facilitated and often led by an estimated 1.2 million fitness and sports leaders who provide specialized guidance and training.

In financial terms, the national fitness industry was valued at approximately $32 billion in 2022. With a promising outlook, this sector is projected to reach a staggering $50 billion by the year 2028.

This rapid growth is indicative of an increasing consumer focus on health and wellness, thereby offering significant monetization opportunities for platforms that can effectively serve this burgeoning market.

SweatPals Team

We have assembled a world-class team of successful entrepreneurs and technology leaders with successful experience in building and scaling startups.

We deeply understand the multifaceted value SweatPals offers, addressing the financial constraints of fitness creators and the emotional well-being of individuals facing loneliness—a perspective deepened by our immigrant background.

SweatPals Business Model

SweatPals operates on a multi-faceted monetization strategy designed to create value for both fitness enthusiasts and community leaders while sustaining and growing the platform's capabilities. This includes transaction fees, where SweatPals takes a small percentage of every financial transaction processed through the platform. This ensures a consistent revenue flow directly proportional to the user activity on the platform. Additionally, SweatPals monetizes through key partnerships and is sponsored by major organizations to place their products directly into the hands of engaged consumers over an extended period.

SweatPals generated $250K annualized revenue in 2023 with a projected $1 million in revenue in 2024, assuming a user growth rate of 20% per month which is consistent with our growth in the past 6 months.

(This future projection is not guaranteed.)


SweatPals is an e-commerce platform for solopreneurs and a social / discovery platform for end-users.

SweaPals for end-users allows them to discover & join communities, post workouts and ask questions, donate or pay for events, sign waivers and match with workout buddies & teammates, and potential dates and romantic interests.

See a demo here:

SweatPals for Solopreneurs allows them to organize events, create chatrooms, get discovered, collect payments & donations, email attendees and members, issue & collect liability waivers and host tournaments, among other things.

See a demo here:

Comparables and Potential Exit Opportunities

SweatPals strategic position, similar to platforms like Strava, enhances our valuation. This positions us as an attractive acquisition target for major players in the fitness and wellness tech space, large sports apparel companies, or even global community-driven platforms seeking entry into the health and fitness market.

  • Potential Acquisition Targets: Notable acquisitions in this space include Under Armour's purchase of MyFitnessPal for $475 million, Adidas acquiring Runtastic for $240 million and MindBody acquiring ClassPass for $1B. These acquisitions demonstrate the significant value placed on community-focused fitness tech platforms. 
  • Companies like Peloton, who are expanding their community offerings, or tech giants like Apple and Google, looking to bolster their health and wellness ecosystems, could see immense value in SweatPals. Other potential acquirers can include health insurance companies seeking innovative engagement platforms, or major sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour and Reebok, aiming to enhance their digital presence because of our users spending preference on health and fitness products.

We'd like to mention that the investment risks on SweatPals are still high as a startup. It's also a high-reward investment as we're dedicated to building a venture-scale business- we believe what we accomplished so far indicates the market interest is there. While we have big ambitions for the future, these comparables are no guarantee of our future success and we encourage everyone to do their due diligence before investing.

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