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Invest in Streamport Inc.

A highly scalable and disruptive all-in-one approach to the video streaming industry


Fully built products, tested extensively in real market conditions
End-to-end proprietary technology, with no 3rd party dependencies
More than 15 years continuous team experience
A Mega Mall/Marketplace for streaming platforms
Unlimited capacity for shops
Users scalability directly connected to demand
High general scalability in one of the hottest industries​

Our Team

President/ CEO
Instrumental in the development of several pioneering technologies; overseeing end-to-end proprietary streaming tech embedded into white-labeled platforms, from conception to completion.
Benefiting from more than 15 years of continuous experience in producing video streaming platforms, we are responding to increasing demand. We provide a solution to the growing quantity of premium content that fails to get distribution exposure due to the limited number of platforms available. Revolutionizing the streaming industry.
Chief Technical Officer
Creating the first in the world Mobile Live Streaming Platform on EDGE only networks and feature phones - Zong TV - China Mobile, Pk; Managing the technical aspects of the largest streaming library - Live and VOD - distributed worldwide.
Dan Manea Secretary/ Treasurer
Military Analyst Programmer, counselor for special military projects. In the civil field, he has founded and managed a powerful advertising production company.