Smart Tire Recycling

Cleanly recycling tires into new tires for other industries

Last Funded February 2021


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Contacted by several US and global companies who are extremely interested in our tech.
CEO is a proven leader for 10 years. CTO has a PhD in Nanotech and MBA from MIT.
Healing the environment by cutting CO2 emissions from two of the biggest sources.
Can significantly reduce landfill tires.

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Our Team

Caring for the health of the planet and reducing waste is a core value. Having spent 20 years in the recycling industry I am passionate about the fact that everyone can make a difference. The recent pandemic is another reminder of just how connected we are and that connection means we have a responsibility to improve the health of our world.

We developed an innovative process to recycle used tire rubber — one BIG problem for earth and humanity.

In fact, this is one of the most serious global environmental problems. Fortunately, we know how to recover the precious components within the tires and completely reuse them. Already, we have been contacted by several companies and states, in the US and other countries, who are extremely interested in our technology.

🌎 Our solution will eliminate the need to manufacture up to half of the global demand for carbon black

We developed an economical and continuous green chemistry process to breaking down scrap tires into reusable, raw materials — with carbon black being the most valuable (a major component in the manufacturing of tires and all rubber-based
products). Reducing the need to manufacture carbon black will reduce CO2 emissions by a significant measure.

💰 We take waste material that has little or NO worth... and increase its value significantly.

We are taking a waste product (shredded rubber) that is being sold at $50 per ton and turning it into material worth $250 per ton. We can license our technology (or sell turn-key plants,) to major tire shredders and enable them to fully recycle their rubber, adding significant value to their product. An alternative plan to licensing would be for Smart Tire Recycling to commercialize our system and sell our carbon black.

💨 Tires are one of those 'too big' problems.

In 2010 when Smart Tire Recycling CEO Mendel Bassman was starting out in the recycling industry, everyone knew tires were a problem. Fast forward 10 years and not much has changed. Landfills are teaming with tires, the toxic fumes emitted to produce or destroy them are overwhelming, and the number of tires being discarded annually, over 1 Billion, is just staggering.

But now... there is a solution.

Four years ago Mendel teamed up with the renowned chemist and inventor Dr. Abdulhaq Alkhalidi to found Smart Tire Recycling with the single-minded goal of creating a clean, sustainable recycling ecosystem for tires.

🚀 The adventure begins

The road to developing a zero-emission process to recycle tires has been challenging and exciting in ways we could not have imagined at the outset. An early milestone was a real validation of our hard work as we were able to win the TiE start-up award. But we wondered, can we really disrupt the $50 Billion global tire industry? We had an obligation to ourselves, and to the globe to push ahead and find out.

Along the way, we have been gratified to be joined by partners, advisers, and supporters who have helped enable Smart Tire Recycling to reach our most critical milestone to date. It works!

💥 An exciting discovery

It was a brisk day in February 2020 when Smart Tire Recycling went from being a promising technology to an exciting reality. With Dr. Alkhalidi's work leaving the realm of the theoretical and, with the guidance of Dr. Lacramiora Shulte and a team of engineers, becoming tangible right before our eyes. It is one thing to know that something works on paper, but quite another to see the results in the lab for yourself. That turning point made us realize it was time for the next step to bring our product to market. The technology is proven, but we're not at commercial scale, yet.

With the funds we are currently raising, we will be able to replicate this new, zero-emission tire recycling process on a massive scale, which will in turn allow us to start accepting orders to recycle tires from every major tire manufacturer, landfill, and auto parts provider in the world. The landscape of the global tire industry will never be the same.

💪 What makes us different

📈 Beyond tires

We started this campaign in the hopes of finding supporters who will help us move out of the lab and into the factory. Being able to replicate our process on a commercial scale will allow us to start emptying landfills and filling orders from some of the world's largest tire manufacturers.

And, we have a lot more in store. The materials we produce in our recycling process have the ability to be further refined and developed to have many commercial applications from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals.

We're on the cusp of something big.

Join us.