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Invest in Stages.Live, LLC

Our patent pending methods fill empty stages and grow local music ecosystems


A unique local advertising platform; communities discover, enjoy & support local artists and events.
Local Market Ad Size: 2020 $134B; 2021E $137.5B w/ $61.5B Digital (Source: BIA Adv Svcs)
App focuses on local artists & things to do. It engages users, keeps them coming back and staying.
2021 Launch Tour. We're helping artists and the venues where they play bounce back after Covid.
Co-Founder's inventions honored with CES Best of Show and Innovation Awards for outstanding design.
Patent pending method flips the age-old way, makes booking gigs easy for both venues and artists.
Local Musician Radio Player lets people enjoy original and cover music, plus tip local artists.
Sales model utilizes local musician ambassador affiliates for commissioned reps in each market.

Our Team

Co-Founder, App Designer, Community Ambassador
Rick's patented inventions honored with both a CES Best of Show award and Innovations award. As CEO, his previous company licensed his IP into 20 million DVD Players and satellite DVRs, and it manufactured products sold in major big-box retailers.
The Inspiration: Brothers Rick and Tom Bray like to enjoy craft beer and local live music. One summer evening, they went out to do just that. They drove to the first place, only to find an empty stage, then another place... empty stage. "There's got to be a solution!", they said, "Musicians want gigs. Venues have stages. Let's make it happen!"
Eric Clemons Lead Contract App Developer
Banking executive with 15+ years of experience designing, developing and securing enterprise bank operations; online and mobile app, and data security.

How our app grows local live music ecosystems everywhere, and creates the perfect ad platform for local markets

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Seeding the Growth with our City-to-City Launch Tour

Beginning this spring, we'll launch our city-to-city tour to seed the growth, similar to the manner Yelp, Uber and Lyft began. Each stop is a week long event designed to support local artists and the venues where they play. Events take place in restaurants, bars, breweries and coffeeshops all over town. Regional organic growth sprouts out from there.

“As Chairman of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, I can’t wait to see Stages.Live launched in our community! The whole Arts & Entertainment scene of our historic tourist town will go quickly to the next level! Music will literally fill the streets, the parks, the springs and pubs and restaurants and venues! I can see the entire economy being enhanced!”

Mike Seals

Eureka Springs, Arkansas has more than a million tourists each year, and is featuring Stages.Live in soon to be released 2021 Visitor Guide as the app for live music and events. 

(exact timing of each city launch will soon be determined)

Stages.Live's method brings booking local live music and community involvement out of the dark ages.

When industries first move from a manual system to a computerized one they typically just digitize the old manual methods, leaving all the old inefficiencies in place. This industry has been stuck in this early stage for more than thirty years! Today's gig booking apps and Internet options are still using the same inefficient methods used in medieval times when the king's court booked a jester for entertainment, only it's digitized. 

Stages.Live's patent pending methods flip the age-old methods, and make it easy for both venues and artists to book gigs. This results in venues expanding stage times, it makes it easier for new live music venues to get started, and it creates more opportunities for seasoned artists and aspiring young artists; in a phrase, it grows your local live music scene. Expect live music around town from lunch hours to late night.

Tip artists while at an event or while listening to original and cover music on our Local Musician Radio Player.

Three free portals working together.

We're doing for local live music what craft beer has done across the country.
Get started and watch your local music ecosystem grow!

Everything is in one app. It's an app for Community. It's an app for Artists. It's an App for Venues. It begins with Stages.Live's patent pending methods that make it easy for artists and venues to book gigs. Our simple method fills empty stages and gives new opportunities to experienced artists and aspiring young artists. The three portals work together, each feeding off of the others to grow the entire local music scene in your hometown, and communities everywhere.

Do the big-tech digital platforms really feel local?

The big-tech mobile apps, they may reach local people, but are they local? Do you feel like you're supporting your hometown when you use them? Stages.Live promotes your community, it entertains your community, and it supports your local artists and the venues where they perform. 

Stages.Live is all about Local... and the opportunity is sizable!

We're helping artists make a living doing what they love, and bounce back after covid-19

Our local market sales force is being built through a simple multi-level marketing affiliate program for musicians and hospitality workers; they can make extra money, and with good effort, a good living. It's a sales force made up of local artists contacting people they know in their communities, and earning commissions, supported by a team of key employees.

App Ads & Sponsorships: It's our revenue model.

Stages.Live creates a unique local mobile advertising platform. An app like Yelp focuses on places, Stages.Live focuses on local things to do.

We curate fresh local "things to do" content each day. This keeps people coming back, and our Local Musician Radio Player gets them to stay. 

Listen at home. Listen in your car. Listen anywhere. Stages.Live streams local artists' YouTube videos, allowing the listener to enjoy originals and covers from artists within their own community, or a community they choose to explore. 

No other app organizes streaming music videos by local artists, and promotes community support of local artists like Stages.Live. You can even tip artists when listening.

Covid-19 and Stages.Live: Version 3 is Now Version 1.

Stages.Live version 1 was in initial beta testing and we were preparing for a May 2020 launch, but Covid put a halt to those plans. During this period, we've increased our investment in development and kept the developers busy, so our spring 2021 launch includes features that were initially planned for versions 2 & 3. Development is now ahead of our initial roadmap.

This first video focuses on why both venues and artists want to use Stages.Live as soon as they see it, our patent pending methods.  It's a virtual live demo led by co-founder Rick Bray, not a marketing video.

This next video highlights the Community Portal