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Last Funded April 2024




$17M revenue run rate, 328% YoY growth
Backed by top VCs Spark Capital, Amazon’s Alexa Fund, Alexis Ohanian & Bar9 Ventures
World-class team from Microsoft, Dyson, Sony, Philips, Blue Bottle & La Marzocco
12M+ servings made & 70,000 active users

Our Team

Why Spinn?

At Spinn, the perfect cup of coffee has never been more convenient - or environmentally friendly. 

Backed by VCs including Spark Capital, Amazon’s Alexa Fund and Bar9 Ventures, Spinn’s one-touch solution to high-quality coffee is revolutionizing the $362B global coffee market.

Our vision is to build a connected ecosystem for exceptional specialty coffee, elevating in-home coffee experiences. Spinn is more than coffee - it’s a cultural experience connecting people.

In today’s fast-paced society, single-serve coffee makers that use pre-measured coffee pods or capsules like Keurig and Nespresso have become ubiquitous in homes and offices worldwide. But this convenience comes at a huge cost to the environment, generating a staggering 576,000 metric tons of waste each year… that's 300 football fields.

It's not just the environmental impact that's concerning. These machines heat up water to a scorching 200 degrees Fahrenheit, releasing microplastics from the coffee pods. These microplastics end up in our bodies and eventually waterways, posing a severe risk to both our health and wildlife.

And even if people opt to not use Keurigs and Nespressos, making quality coffee is a complex endeavor! Good home coffee means intricate setups - high-end espresso machines, grinders, milk frothers, tampers, knockboxes, scales, and more, which take up massive amounts of space in their kitchens, and add up to thousands of dollars!

Even with world-class equipment, the preparation of quality coffee requires substantial knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail. Variables such as water temperature, grind size, and brew time must be carefully monitored and managed to produce a perfect cup.

The perfect cup of coffee doesn’t need to be this complex.

Spinn’s on a mission to elevate the in-home coffee experience, giving people a way to craft exceptional coffee without compromise.

Spinn eliminates pods, complexity, and guesswork, altogether. 

We make quality coffee simple - providing coffee lovers with a range of easy-to-use, sustainable, and high-quality brewing options. It’s convenience and taste, without the waste.

Spinn’s coffee maker’s proprietary technology uses a unique centrifugal brewing process to extract the full flavor and aroma of coffee beans. Our machine grinds whole beans on demand. There’s zero need for pre-packaged pods or capsules.

With Spinn, users create custom coffee drinks including espresso, filter, drip and cold brew.

Spinn’s coffee marketplace offers users access to the world’s largest direct-to-consumer marketplace of artisan roasters. We’re delivering eco-friendly, ethically-sourced coffee from across the globe, each with its own flavour profile. 

Spinn just launched a new subscription service that provides Spinn Blends on a recurring basis. Early attach rates are strong, leading to an exciting increase to our recurring revenue model.

Connection is important to us. Customers can browse the selection of roasts, read about the roaster's story and practices, and even make a purchase directly from the roaster.  

We’re helping consumers navigate the coffee market- reducing friction for getting the coffee they like.

Spinn has sold thousands of machines to coffee lovers around the world. We have a remarkably high attach rate and are growing exponentially year over year.

Our innovative technology and sustainability efforts have been lauded across the industry, including awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, A' Design Award, iF design award, and the Good Design Award.

At Spinn, we are a dedicated community of passionate coffee lovers who swear by Spinn products and unique coffee experiences. We pride ourselves on high user growth, sticky usage rates, and consistently high customer satisfaction.

We constantly receive positive feedback and reviews from happy customers who love the ease-of-use and innovative technology of our products, as well as the expert guidance and support provided by our team of coffee experts.

Veterans of Microsoft, Dell, Sony, Philips, Blue Bottle and La Marzocco - the team’s experience is rich in deep technology, manufacturing, branding, CPG, digital experience, and coffee brewing.

The coffee market is valued at $362B, with a 10.6% CAGR, and significant growth is expected in the coming years due to evolving consumer preferences around coffee experiences. Spinn is poised to emerge as a key player in the market, delivering convenience and quality among Nespresso, Keurig, Breville, and La Marzocco.

Spinn earns revenue through the sale of coffee makers, coffee, consumables, and accessories. We manufacture and sell Spinn’s proprietary coffee makers directly to consumers through our website and retail partners, and offer access to our marketplace through the Spinn app and website.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

As Spinn machines become household staples across the world, recurring revenue from marketplace subscriptions are poised to grow astronomically. Spinn users will become loyal to the Spinn ecosystem, creating a powerful network effect that drives long-term revenue growth and customer loyalty.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our roadmap of continued product innovation, coffee innovation, and international expansion will build Spinn into the at-home IOT connected coffee system that coffee lovers have been longing for.

Spinn has closed $40M from top-tier VCs including Spark Capital, Amazon’s Alexa Fund, and Bar9 Ventures. We opened a community investment round to give our users, fans, and supporters the opportunity to invest alongside the biggest names in venture capital. Why? Because you’re the reason we’re doing this. Together, we’re building a connected coffee experience, for everyone.