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A social media platform designed for activists. Start your movement with us!


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๐Ÿง  Experienced Team
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Our Team

We think there is space and it is time for an alternative mobile app and platform where people can communicate and collaborate.


Collaborate For A Better Future
Open to all, no fee to invest, starts at just $100

SoAct software application with an office in New Jersey has a target in assisting activists in various topics to effectively and efficiently organize likeminded members into local groups and quickly gain power to their ideological movements. The idea is to stimulate people in a new way to organize and affect positive changes on social, political, economic and environmental levels.

The main product is the mobile application, for which following key features are planned to be implemented:

  • Search engine to find people/locals, interested in a certain topic
  • Group chats for internal communication
  • Fundraising tools to attract capital from potential investors or politicians
  • List of activism events happening nearby
  • Newsfeed for chosen topics
  • Rating system for users and events.

Our Community Vision

Here at SoAct, we believe in the power of organizing for positive change. Whether you are fighting for social justice or raising awareness about a local issue, everyone has the power to become an activist.

Wherever you are in your activism, advocacy, and awareness journey, SoAct is a place where you can connect with like-minded people to make a positive difference in the world, no matter how small.

Collaborate For A Better Future

We are a condensed social media platform that is centered around your passions and desire to positively impact shared communities. In the app, you can form groups that are focused on one area, such as sustainability, blood drives, clothing drives, cancer awareness, etc. In those groups you have the ability to engage in conversations, share resources, and plan virtual or in person events. You get to earn points and badges for your involvement in the app!

Organizations and nonprofits join the app and host events, give awards and certificates, and grow their communities by being easily searchable in our database. We stand with our community and support them in the difference that they are trying to make. SoAct is not only just an app, it is also a movement that we created for us all to collaborate to create a better future.

Marketing Plan
A Unique Selling Proposition

Software application will be a digital product that will contain all features in its framework. Its planned to be a premium product based on advanced UI/UX design and effective branding strategy. SoAct will enable active individuals to positively affect its social, political, economic and environmental reality on local and worldwide scales. Application will possess platform features that will connect local activists with relevant political institutions and organizations in a productive way. Users will be able to form groups min. 6 people, choose leaders and leave comments and inputs on their feed. Website will mainly serve as a marketing interface to potential users to find out about the app through internet search engines and to familiarize with the scope of its value proposition.


For social activists who are dissatisfied with social networking as Facebook and specialized social movement apps as BLM, key differentiating factors of SoAct app will be planned functionality in

  • search engine to find locals interested in related topics to quicker activist collaboration
  • providing tools for raising funding from investors and politicians for new activism movements
  • solving organizational issues among activists (ride sharing, overnight stay, etc.). 

SoAct is a software application that provides general and more suitable tools for a single user to easily find local like-minded activists, communicate with them via internal instant messenger, get targeted news depending on chosen topics of interest, organize their positive social intentions quickly, rate other users and events in a constructive way, and seek for potential funding opportunities from relevant institutions and private investors efficiently.

Pricing Strategy

Several revenue sources are planned to be implemented. Downloading and installation of the application for end-users from App Store / Google Play virtual shops will be free.

Users that are interested in getting targeted information from newsfeed and finding out about preparations for new mass events and demonstrations will have a possibility to subscribe by paying 2,99$ on a monthly basis.

When application has attracted critical masses on its userbase, next monetization strategy will be taking a relatively small portion 5% of funding transactions conducted through the application / website. No advertisement on the application is planned in order to provide clean interface and increase its appeal to the customer base.

Promotional Strategy

Advertisement must be realized over multichannel marketing strategy. Since several months are necessary till product placement and get a finished application published on the App Store / Google Play, this time should be used to establish owned and earned marketing channels.

Owned channels could be:

1. Corporate website
2. Company page on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.
3. CRM software.

Earned channels:

1. SEO (search engine optimization)
2. SEM (search engine marketing)
3. Publicity on social media.

During beta-testing and product placement period, paid marketing channels can be considered as:

1. Google ads
2. Facebook ads
3. Youtube influencer campaign.

For paid channels, it is recommended to communicate and screen potential Marketing Agencies on SEO and SEM (e.g. AdWords) topics based on available price-performance packages that could be relevant to the business idea. Also, appropriate Youtube influencer with his topics and customer base could be also planned, approached and outsourced.