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Our Team

Back in 2017, our custom software business was approached by several potential customers who were looking for digital forms and offline data collection. The existing solutions in the market did not provide custom PDF filling capabilities. Existing enterprise software was too expensive to fit their needs and the cost could not be justified. 

Smart Field CMMS

Augmented Reality (AR) in maintenance and inspections

We have already built a maintenance management platform(CMMS) and we are raising funds to accelerate growth. Although the CMMS market is extremely profitable, the true disruption in the market will occur with AR applications, especially in the field asset management segment. Our ambitions go way beyond just providing the CMMS product. Our team has experience with 3D modeling and already experimented with Augmented Reality Glasses and integrating AR into mobile applications. There is a good reason why Facebook, Apple, Samsung, and countless others are rushing to develop their AR technologies.

Developing disruptive technologies is costly and time-consuming. Our goal is to get established in the CMMS sector and build new disruptive technologies on top of it.

Smart Field CMMS is working on a solution to integrate our CMMS with augmented reality glasses that will allow to access asset and maintenance information handsfree. With natural language processing, we are planning on being able to complete inspections with just your voice. 

We are also working on a solution to allow you to visualize assets through a mobile device camera. The solution would allow looking through a device camera and seeing asset locations and details about an asset. 

The advancement in hardware and software allows us to bring the AR technology to small to medium business at an affordable cost.

Proximity Sensors in maintenance and inspections

Proximity sensors are cheap, battery powered devices that can run for 2-3 years. The proximity sensors act as beacons and notify a nearby app of its presence. The sensors can help quickly locate an asset or trigger another maintenance related action. Some sensors are GPS enabled and have cellular connection allowing them to move with the asset and ping their location as an asset moves.

Smart Field CMMS is working on a solution to integrate proximity sensors into our software.

Open Investor Panel

Please join us for an open investor panel to ask us hard questions. We would like you to get to know us and trust us with your investment.

Mar 11th, March 25th, April 8th 2021 at 10:30 AM Central Time.

Unfortunately, we will have to limit to 10 participants per webinar so everyone gets to ask their questions.

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Demo of the product to potential clients


Smart Field CMMS is an active product with paying customers and annual contracts with local governments. We are also running beta testers in field service, forestry, and solar installation and maintenance industries. A portion of beta testers are expected to convert to annual allowing us to expand to new industries.

Traction To Date

Smart Field CMMS has several clients in the government sector. We are currently working with Naperville, the largest suburb of Chicago. Boone County Conservation District has also deployed our solution to manage their parks, trails, facilities, and safety equipment. 

We also have clients in commercial space performing HVAC installation and maintenance, warehouse equipment maintenance, and the forestry industry.

The product

Smart Field CMMS offers a full-featured GIS-centric solution for field asset and field operations management. Smart Field CMMS is a Computerized Maintenance Management System with Asset Management, Work Order Management, and Preventive Maintenance solutions. The solution offers a digital form and checklist builder for inspections or audits and field data collection. The system has the ability to generate filled PDFs, which eliminates paper forms and allows customers to digitally transform manual processes.

Product website:

Mobile Application

The mobile application is built applying offline first principles, allowing users to perform data collection and maintain assets in offline conditions and automatically sync the data when a connection becomes available. The mobile application manages a user's daily work and provides access to asset details and inspections.

The Story of Smart Field CMMS

The idea was born in 2017. Version 1 of the platform was released at the end of 2018. Version 2 of the platform was released in February 2020. Field Asset management was released October 2020. The Smart Field Forms name is being rebranded to Smart Field CMMS to better represent the functionality it provides.

The idea

The original purpose of the application was to be able to create a digital form, associate a fillable PDF to it, and create a mobile application for field data collection. After the initial launch, we started acquiring free customers and hearing what they had to say about the software. From the feedback, we started drawing a roadmap and adding features most customers requested.

Market Research

Based on our initial research, we had identified our target markets. The markets had to meet the following criteria: paper-heavy, inspection heavy, and repetitive processes. We selected local governments, electrical co-ops, wind/solar industry, and manufacturing. We started digging deeper. After selecting key conferences, off we went.

TechAdvantage 2019 - Electrical Coops
Windpower 2019
IAPD 2020 - Park Districts Conference

We also joined local government meetups and started building their profile.

After all the conferences and fun, we all sat down and started planning our next moves. The conferences verified our path and feature roadmap. We knew we were on the right track. We were drawing a lot of attention even with our feature set incomplete. We also brought augmented reality glasses from our development lab to the conference. The glasses brought large corporations to our booth. The companies were interested in data collection through glasses integrated with our software.


After we released several new features, we started realizing the shortcoming of our initial software design. Some of the features we needed would have been hard to add due to initial architectural decisions. At the end of August, there was a decision made to re-write our core components so we can more easily deploy the features we need and take advantage of the big demand we were seeing for our software.


In February, 2020, we released V2 of our platform. With a new engine under the hood, the platform was now complete and ready for growth. V2 has new features such as workflows and task management to help control submission data flow and activities. With additional features like asset management, which is scheduled for release in Q3, we will be able to become the leader in our selected niches as a SaaS provider.

Top Niches

Local Governments - Local governments are our primary focus in the mean time. We are currently working with one of the largest Chicago Suburbs. We are running monthly webinars on digital transformation for local governments and we are getting more and more interest in our product. We primarily focus on Park Districts due to their nature and inspections. There are just over 2500 park districts in the Midwest. Most of them are looking for a solution to streamline daily inspections. All of the leads are easy to find and approach.

Wind/Solar Industry - $40Billion industry always looking for ways to improve their daily activities. Constant inspections must be performed to keep all assets running smoothly. The industry is very open minded for change and always ready to try new products. Going to conferences is the key to establishing our software as leader in this industry.

Field Service Industry - Field Service Industry is a fast growth industry currently valued at $4 Billion and expected to reach $10 Billion by 2026. Field Service Industry is open to new products with GIS features and competitive pricing.

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