A marketplace for commercial real estate ownership

Last Funded January 2023


raised from 127 investors


Committed to launching 100 properties in the first 24 months
$5M+ of equity allocated across multiple properties to be listed upon product launch
Received development grant for $150k from the Algorand Foundation
Legal and regulatory headway with a documented action plan

Our Team

SliceSpace believes the wealth gap is widening and has set out on a mission to democratize the commercial real estate industry, a historically expensive space with high barriers to entry. The goal is to enable anyone to become part of a liquid commercial real estate industry, regardless of socioeconomic status, and earn rent on a daily basis.

Invest in SliceSpace Inc - the company that allows users to buy shares of commercial real estate and receive daily rental payments

SliceSpace is a commercial real estate marketplace, enabling users to participate in a $33.6 trillion industry - the largest asset class by far. The focus is a simple technology solution, fractionalizing ownership of large buildings and providing rent payments daily utilizing smart contracts.

Real estate is the economic engine of our communities. SliceSpace allows individuals and professionals to cherry-pick commercial properties, giving them partial ownership of the buildings they live in, the buildings they work in, or even their favorite venues for just a few dollars. 

Commercial real estate is old and broken

In a fast-paced economy, commercial real estate owners seek liquidity. This can often be the decisive factor for acquiring new properties and scaling a business. With large assets such as commercial real estate, liquidity can be tough to come by. 

SliceSpace offers flexibility for diversification. Finally, retail investors have a means for commercial investment without the traditional barriers to entry. Commercial investing has historically been reserved for the institutional and high net worth market without much accessibility for the common class.

Welcome to SliceSpace

The SliceSpace platform fractionalizes commercial real estate, enabling owners to unlock equity in their properties, thereby creating liquidity in a secondary market. SliceSpace is a unique solution, creating liquidity for owners while promoting ownership to locals who can now invest in their communities and feel responsible for its development. The SliceSpace team is on a mission to create a future where anyone can become a real estate owner with just the click of a button.

Commercial real estate is the largest asset class in the world

In 2021, the estimated value of the global commercial real estate market was approximately $33.6 trillion, up from $31.6 trillion in 2020. (Statista)

It is an integral part of the US economy, encompassing a diverse set of companies that build, manage, lease, buy, and sell properties across the retail, institutional, multifamily residential, healthcare, and industrial markets. Industry revenue is generated through construction fees charged by general contractors; service fees and commissions that agents, brokers, and consultants receive; management fees and rent collected by property owners, developers, and real estate investment trusts. With such a range of activities spanning the real estate spectrum, overall industry performance is largely based on nationwide business activity and economic performance.

SliceSpace Objective:

Making commercial real estate ownership simple, affordable, and accessible to anyone.

For decades, commercial real estate has been limited to institutional and high-net-worth individuals. SliceSpace fractionalizes commercial real estate, enabling several individuals to own a single commercial property. This bridges the gap between traditional commercial real estate and the general public, enabling individuals to receive rent daily.

Core Features

Use Crypto or Fiat: Individuals can now deposit and withdraw in crypto or fiat, as well as a SliceSpace Debit Card - all with instant withdrawals.

Low Buy-In Price: Each equity ownership is divided into 1M Slices, making the cost of entry accessible to anyone.

Buy or Sell 24/7: Instant liquidity - the ability to buy or sell slices off of the platform at any time with none of the traditional limitations.

Class-A Properties: SliceSpace properties include large residential buildings, mixed-use commercial spaces, warehouses, and skyscrapers throughout the US.

Daily Rental Payouts: Rent is collected from the property management company and distributed to a user's account balance daily.

How does tokenization work in real estate?

Tokenization, as it pertains to real estate, is the process of creating a virtual token that would represent ownership of a type of real estate asset. Non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), can be used to tie the value of a physical asset to a token.

As tokenization is highly flexible in its usability, the token could represent ownership in real estate in many ways. The overall type of real estate that can be tokenized can vary just like traditional real estate investing; however, tokenization would allow for little third-party input over the investors. As physical assets would back the tokens, the value of the tokens would fluctuate based on the performance of the asset, similar to traditional real estate investing but with the ease of transfer conferred by the utilization of blockchain technology.

SliceSpace Business Model

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

SliceSpace generates profits via property listings, sales, and in-app trading fees. Each listing is valued between $1-$10 million, and SliceSpace nets about 10% per transaction. SliceSpace will onboard 100 properties in the first 24 months, generating just shy of $100 million in revenue. 

Lots of competitors, not much liquidity.

Unlike the competition, SliceSpace is a true Web3 solution, strictly focusing on commercial real estate, and providing rent payments daily utilizing smart contracts. SliceSpace properties include large residential buildings, mixed-use commercial spaces, and warehouses used for e-commerce.

What problems can tokenization solve? 

One of the most significant issues with investing and selling real estate is the liquidity of the asset. In the normal course of a transaction, there are many different parties involved, especially with the legal transfer of the asset. Tokenization mitigates this issue. As easy as it is to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, tokenization will simplify transactions in the real estate space. Rather than the normal transfer of the ownership process that takes place when selling a share of ownership in a real estate investment, tokenization cuts out the middleman and allows ownership to be transferred directly from investor to investor.

Why Blockchain?

SliceSpace utilizes the Algorand Blockchain as a primary database for all transactional and market data. Additionally, through the use of smart contracts, the platform can distribute daily rental payouts to all Slice holders as well as fulfill secondary market trading via an Automated Market Maker (AMM).

Why Algorand?

SliceSpace is a proud recipient of a research & development grant from the Algorand Foundation. The partnership with Algorand enables SliceSpace to leverage its existing technology and relationships, combined with the ever-growing Algorand developer ecosystem.

Founding Principles

Algorand was founded by Silvio Micali, a Turing award winner, co-inventor of zero-knowledge proofs, and a world-renowned leader in the field of cryptography and information security. He founded Algorand with a vision to democratize finance and deliver on the blockchain promise.

Commercial Real Estate Properties

In the US alone, the total value of commercial real estate topped $25 trillion this year. With this new way of investing, SliceSpace aims to capture a tech-savvy audience who wants to diversify into this stable market - allowing individuals to invest and withdraw in crypto or fiat. The plan is to initially launch in New York City, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cincinnati, and Tampa - shortly followed by every major US city within the first 2 years.

Institutional Investors

Wealth management companies, portfolio managers, and banks are constantly looking to diversify their funds into high-yield, low-risk, liquid investments with the ability to hand-select portfolios that create value for their customers. SliceSpace will be catering to these groups of investors.

Retail Investors

Approximately, 100 million Americans live in rental housing, owning 0% of the equity in their communities. SliceSpace provides a great opportunity to create value for both the tenants by including them in a new asset class and their operators by providing liquidity.

In today's market, everyone should have the ability to own a part of the buildings they work in, the buildings they live in, and even the venues that they frequent! The platform aims to provide inclusivity to everyone, regardless of income status, to wield the ability to own real assets around them.

In today's world, anyone should have the ability to own commercial real estate regardless of socioeconomic status. SliceSpace delivers just that with the use of modern technology to create a world of inclusivity across the entire financial spectrum.

Who is SliceSpace?

SliceSpace is a dedicated team of engineers, designers, and business partners in the commercial real estate space with a vision of making real estate ownership available to all while bridging the gap between real estate and technology.

The SliceSpace team is composed of experienced Web3 engineers, JP Morgan-trained financiers, and seasoned commercial real estate business partners.  Advised by some of the brightest minds in the industry, including Dr. Folkinshteyn (Bitcoin OTC) and Phillip Balderston (Odin Properties).

Why SliceSpace?

The SliceSpace team believes that real estate is the growth engine of our society. More liquidity would mean more development, more jobs, more housing, more opportunities, and more financial stability for all.

The purpose is to create liquidity for commercial real estate properties, thus decentralizing equities on a secondary market. SliceSpace's mission is to democratize ownership of an asset class typically reserved for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.  The team envisions a future where millions of Americans now own fractional equities and generate revenue on their holdings, this is the SliceSpace north-star.

How is this possible?

Using this technology, along with the recent regulatory changes enabled by the JOBS act of 2018, SliceSpace can raise capital for properties via a RegulationA+ and scale secondary markets within the largest asset class in the world. Global real estate equities far exceed every single asset class combined, approximately 250x larger than the cryptocurrency market cap.

Use of Funds

SliceSpace aims to utilize the funds raised through WeFunder to further the development of the technical application, build a sales team for institutional customers, and expand the number of financial products provided to users. The following is a more detailed breakdown of how the funds will be used (after 7.5% of funds go towards the Wefunder fee):

- 35% for sales and marketing

- 25% for technical development

- 20% for operations

- 10% for legal

- 10% for contingency

SliceSpace has a clear roadmap for how it plans to utilize the funds. The company has been conservative in its burn rate and has a clear understanding of the costs associated with each stage of development. The management team is experienced and has a track record of successful execution. We believe that SliceSpace is a strong investment opportunity and are confident in the ability to utilize the funds raised to create value for shareholders.