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Bringing sustainability to the massive $715B home decor market
2K+ customers across 43 states in the USA
40% repeat customer rate, exceeding ecommerce benchmarks by 10-20%
Team with 2 startup exits & experience scaling revenue from $0 to $100M+

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SISTAIN makes sustainable living simple and aspirational.

Our trust-centric shopping platform is revolutionizing how consumers discover and purchase eco-friendly, ethical, and non-toxic home goods - a massive $715B market. 

SISTAIN is THE destination for aspiring conscious consumers seeking to take care of themselves and our planet.

Shopping for sustainable home goods is overwhelming. The average consumer lacks insight into the health, environmental, and ethical implications of the products they use every day. Likewise, brands are often accused of greenwashing and making unsubstantiated claims.

And yet thousands of brands do operate with sustainable or circular methods of design, production, and manufacturing processes. New solutions and innovative ideas around living sustainably, and reducing plastic waste and our carbon footprint are emerging every single day. 

Americans throw away 12 million tons of furniture and home decor each year. 75% of this ends up in a landfill. And the richest 10% of the world’s population contribute almost 50% of global carbon dioxide emissions. It’s unrealistic to call for a halt of consumerism altogether, but we can foster more conscious consumption.

At SISTAIN, we are not about promoting a ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle. We advocate for small sustainable changes, such as avoiding plastic straws, composting, or bringing your own water bottle.

Our philosophy is that sustainable living should be simple and progressive so that collectively we can turn the tide of consumerism. Because progress is better than perfection when it comes to a planet that is on fire.

SISTAIN makes shopping for beautiful sustainable home goods transparent, social, and highly-personalized. 

Our platform showcases 50+ brands and 700 sustainable products meeting rigorous sustainability and design requirements across a range of lines from kitchenware to bedding to baskets. Top-selling brands include Bambu, Stojo and WellKept, which can be purchased via our ecommerce store or registry.

Our platform has resonated with celebrities and leading influencers in wellbeing, clean living, and design. Several of them personally post about items from SISTAIN, introducing millions of their followers to our mission and products.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to promote brands that champion proven sustainable practices across seven key pillars. SISTAIN’s proprietary assessment methodology leverages data science, third-party tools, feedback and ratings from our SISTAIN community,  in addition to self-reporting from brands.

Categories tracked include: 

  • Product materials: environmentally responsible, non-toxic ingredients
  • Packaging: recyclable, compostable, minimal materials
  • Corporate social responsibility: how brands give back & certifications attained
  • Product life cycle: resource intensity & end of life disposal 
  • Product origin: traceability within the supply chain 
  • Timeless quality: design, durability and longevity of products
  • Brand progress: ongoing commitment to sustainable practices

SISTAIN’s personalized, social approach to shopping is underscored by a sustainable database, shoppable creator collections, and an AI-driven recommendation engine. 

Our product database filters products against the sustainability, ethical or overall impact criteria that matters to them most. The database can be licensed to companies to support product development or to attain Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards, yielding an additional revenue stream.

SISTAIN’s AI-driven recommendation engine personalizes the shopping experience, serving up sustainable product options based on the shopper’s style preferences, browsing behavior, and previous purchases.

A ‘How to Style’ section leverages generative AI images to help shoppers visualize products in their homes, as well as style preferences and sustainability data to suggest complementary products and ways to enhance the sustainability of their homes. 

SISTAIN gives shoppers the power to align their values with their choices so they can have a positive impact on the world and on their own wellbeing - all without sacrificing style. 

SISTAIN is the only platform in our vertical with an engaged community and a structure that rewards creators for promoting products and the sustainability mission. Creators within our community curate collections of ‘SISTAIN-approved’ home goods. Together we develop editorial content to demystify sustainable living. Creators earn commission from product sales resulting from their collections and content.

We pride ourselves in offering a closed loop attribution model. For example, if a customer clicks on an image pinned to a creator's collection and then checks out with that product, the creator receives 10-15% of the sale. No added work on their end to include affiliate links, tagged products, or discount codes.

This model fuels organic growth, keeps customer acquisition costs low, and drives collective impact via network effects.

The $715B home decor market is crowded with major polluters and brands that are green-washing in an attempt to capitalize on the sustainability movement. No brand has emerged as the sustainability leader, and yet the market for sustainable goods is growing at a cumulative growth rate of 9.48%, nearly double that of conventional goods.

At the heart of SISTAIN's vision is Founder and CEO Jaclyn Tracy. A 2x founder, Jaclyn brings over a decade of experience in advertising for top-tier Fortune 500 brands including Samsung, Discover, and Pro Plan, and she has successfully managed multi-million dollar digital budgets for a governor’s race in Illinois and 50+ other political races.

Advertising taught Jaclyn that consumer behavior can be changed, and it’s with this that she is building a platform that makes sustainable consumerism not only more accessible, but also aspirational.

SISTAIN’s CTO John Schnipkoweit boasts 25 years as a successful tech executive. Notably, he built and successfully exited two startups, one of which earned the backing of the Nike+ Accelerator powered by Techstars. In addition, he has experience scaling companies from $0 to $100M in revenue.

Note: the above contains forward projections which cannot be guaranteed.

SISTAIN has the potential to generate $72M/annum revenue by 2028 with a blended direct-to-consumer and marketplace revenue model. Our core revenue drivers are SISTAIN products that we hold in inventory, and drop shipped products sold via our marketplace. Goods held in inventory yield a higher margin of 50-55%, and our take rate on dropship goods is 20-30%. We’re offering product diversity with minimized inventory risk. Please note that future revenues aren't guaranteed.

We are excited to enter our community owned era and you are invited to join us and share in our collective success and collective impact to save the planet. To thank our community of investors, we’re offering perks in the form of branded merchandise and exclusive access to our founder: 

Join SISTAIN on our mission to reduce the harmful environmental effects of consumerism by paving the way for consumers to make more conscious choices. By investing in SISTAIN, you are investing in a greener planet and building a more circular future, together with a community of people who care. 

We’re here for the impact. The heart. The connection. The community. The growth. Vote with your dollar and invest in SISTAIN!

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