Silver Scarab Studios

I am a multidisciplinary artist opening live visual/performance arts gallery in NOLA Healing Center

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Support art and culture in this moment of time where fear and separation is prevailing
Help an artist complete an 11 series work, "the Glorified Grotesque Gorgeousness of her without shame"
Receive an original piece of art work from the live painting project

Our Founder

I didn't choose it, it chose me. This project is an extension of my multidisciplinary work I have done all over the world and the many artists that have been brought together in this improvisational magic movement.

Glorified Grotesque Gorgeousness of her without shame (series of 11 paintings)

11 pieces of original work created live (Public works) 

9' by 7', Acrylic, latex, spray paint, glitter, fabric ink, stain, pencil, oil sticks on raw canvas

This body of work is an extension of the live painting and improvisational theater work I have been creating all over the world. These pieces are performed live in a collaboration with musicians, singers. poets, and dancers. I have a collective of International artists all meeting in New Orleans La

'Glorified Grotesque Gorgeousness of her without shame' 1/11

This improvisational movement is a response to the ever increasing gap between art and culture. The paintings are the vehicles of social commentary and exist outside of the constructed one dimensional art world that isolates and commodifies artists works. The combination of multiple genre and art mediums using the art of improvisation to connect us all with the magical potential of the human experience.


Glorified Grotesque Gorgeousness of her without shame' 2/11, 3/11

Throughout the years I have developed this concept here in the United States, Santiago Cuba, and Mexico. These are a couple of flyers and publications from a few of these shows:

Ayanna Bassiouni
/ 504-390-8983
MFA Goddard College(Interdisciplinary art practice)
BFA University of California at Berkeley(studio art practice)

Artist Statement

My relationship to my work is founded in the spiritual. The source that I pull from is of
an energetic principle that leads me into creativity and self -discovery. I am moved by
the abstraction of reality and tenaciously work towards the desegregation of abstract and
linear patterns within my work. I am a multi-dimensional creator, which is a responsibility
that disciplines my life and facilitates the endless flow of synchronicity and magical life
As a creator I am bound by my passion and reverence for the beauty of every
moment. I am in awe of the mathematics involved in subtle connections. I recycle the
infamous sorrows. I live this creative
process, my experience with any
material I can access. My work is a
kind of language that I use to process
the visual and energetic stimuli, re-
creating; finding all the beauty and
truth in the midst of the ruble from the
passing of time.


2011-2014 MFA Interdisciplinary art Goddard College
1997-2001 BA Art Practice University of California at Berkeley


2010-2020 Silver Scarab Studios/ Independent artist
collective/founder/ artistic director


5/21 Independent show/ NOLA Massage and spa/ NOLA

3/21  Mural Painting/ Poets cafe/ NOLA
11/20 Mural Painting/New Orleans Healing center/ NOLA

10/19 Farewell to the Flesh/ Improvisational theater/ Ashara Ekundayo Gallery/ Oakland Ca
10/19 Fruition/ Group show/ Ashara Ekundayo gallery/Oakland Ca
05/18 Farewell to the Flesh/ Independent show/ Improvisational theater/ NOLA
01/17 Produced, Directed, Edited music video/ Egyptian second line / Nicholas Payton,
Paytone Records/Nola
06/16 La Linea/ Silver Scarab Studios collective group show/ Santiago Cuba
08/15 Ashe Cultural arts center/Bones and Flowers , independent show/ NOLA
03/15 Emancipating Boundaries/ Graduate Group show/ Port Townsend, WA Fort
09/14 Omi Gallery, Impact Hub Oakland/ Group show with WEAD/ Divine Feminine
09/12 to 09/14 Fort Warden USO graduate group show, Port Townsend, WA Fort
USO group show
01/10 Canary Gallery Independent show, New Orleans La
02/09 Visions, Group Show/ Berkeley Ca
11/08 Fete des Sans/International art festival/La Marin Martinique La Mairie d’Anse
02/08 La Kaz Aux Artistes/Le Marin, Martinique
5/06 Silver Scarab Studio/Personal independent gallery/New Orleans LA
8/05 Moxy Studios/Group show/New Orleans LA
7/05 The Bank/Private showing/New Orleans LA
5/05 The Green Muse/Private showing/Austin TX
1/05 Winner of Excellence award in painting/ Am bank New Mexico
1/05 McCrae gallery/group show/Silver city New Mexico
10/04 Produced/Directed/Edited Jazz Music Video, singer Elisabeth Kontomanou
6/04 Photography published , album cover, Jeff “Tain” Watts
5/04 Designed album cover, Eric Revis, /Tales of the stuttering mime
4/04 Wash House, mural painting, Oakland, Ca
1/03 Riverstone Gallery, New Orleans La Café Brazil, New Orleans La
3/03 Arts Walk/Hudson NY
10/02 Monique Goldstrom gallery/ NY NY
5/02 The Leader Gallery/Hudson NY