SideHustle App 🥇

Anyone can set up an online shop to showcase their products or services NATIONWIDE at no cost

Last Funded August 2020


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🎯Users refer themselves or their network to businesses in return for a commission once a deal is CLOSED. It's a win/win
💲Businesses receive unlimited leads at NO COST and only pay a commission once REVENUE is generated
💲Businesses will tie their AD spend DIRECTLY to revenue cutting their overhead expenses by up to 40%
💲We will help lower the cost of goods and services by disrupting gatekeepers pay to play model

Our Team

We help businesses, freelancers and opportunity seekers reach their customers and clients with no-cost ads, so we created an online marketplace where producers can showcase their products and services to interested customers.

The Story of SideHustle

The idea for a new digital marketplace

For quite some time there have many trends that lend itself to rapid participation in the digital marketplace. Including a growing gig or side hustle economy, and the needs of all businesses to discover more efficient ways to seek out new customers. This is how the SideHustle App came to be. 

All businesses including small businesses and side hustlers/freelancers need leads to survive and grow. The rules governing advertising expenditure and advertising return are dominated by a very few multinational corporations including Google, Facebook, etc. There is no certainty in the process. A business will spend an amount on a platform and hopes leads will be generated. And if a lead is generated, is the lead exclusive or has it been shared? And what is the level of interest – is the consumer just looking and gathering information or is he or she ready to make a purchase.?

What if a business paid for a lead ONLY IF THAT LEAD RESULTED IN A SALE? There would be 100% certainty in advertising expenditure and no waste.

What if there was a platform that paid consumers/buyers for every word-of-mouth lead generated that resulted in a sale? Such a platform would generate the highest quality leads – word-of-mouth leads. If only there was a platform like this?

There is such a platform – SideHustle App. And the savings associated with advertising expenditure will allow side hustlers and businesses the opportunity to pass on the savings to consumers in the form of lower prices. This is the mission that Alex Kabir, CEO of SideHustle App, set out to accomplish.

He had an idea for a new digital marketplace

Alex saw that many societal trends favored the rapid growth of such a marketplace, such as a growing gig economy and the needs of businesses to find new, cost-effective ways to find customers. So he gathered a talented IT team and quickly created a marketplace where small businesses could find and effectively market to their target customers for free. This is how SideHustle was born.

We needed a mobile app to bring people into the marketplace

So we developed one. We also needed a cloud-based platform to connect all of our app users, and developed that too, along with a roadmap for integrating new fintech technologies to increase the value for our users over time. All hard work, but an incredible team effort and accomplishment!

We launched our first version of the app in the summer of 2019. Our team, with the help of our early users, learned many ways to improve the marketplace experience. So we developed a second generation of our app, for IOS and Android, and launched in early 2020. A quarter-million downloads so far and climbing.

Now we're adding value to our SideHustlers

We're improving the ways businesses and service providers get to creatively express themselves and share their businesses and special offers with target customers. We're making it easier for shoppers to find deals they are interested in. We're activating SideHustlers, and putting them to work for businesses that advertise on our platform giving them opportunities to earn commissions on referred sales.

Our SideHustlers are invited to share in our growing success

SideHustle App users who have been helping our platform grow can now participate as investors through this crowdfunding offer, and more fully share in our success.

Thanks for choosing us!