Seven Stills Canned Cocktail Company

Hand Crafted in San Francisco

Last Funded April 2019


raised from 698 investors


We are located in the heart of San Francisco, on the ground floor of Adobe's headquarters
We brew our own beers, distill our own spirits, and mix our own cocktails.
We sell our beers, spirits and cocktails direct to consumers from our two retail locations.
Our beers, spirits and canned cocktails are distributed to over 500 retailers in Northern California

Our Team

I love finding creative solutions to impossible problems. When COVID hit, most business owners closed up shop and went home. I transformed our 18k square foot restaurant into a hand sanitizer production facility and sold $1.3m in two months. As an entrepreneur I love creating a tangible product that I can physically share with customers.

Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery

Est. 2013 in San Francisco, CA
We are the only independent craft brewery and distillery in San Francisco.
In 2018 we expanded our facilities and opened a 17,500 square foot brewery/distillery in the heart of San Francisco's Mission Bay District.  

Our flagship facility is located on the ground floor of the Adobe Headquarters.  In addition to being a brewery and distillery, we operate a large 10,000 square foot bar/restaurants where guests can come to enjoy our beers on draft, our spirits by the glass/tasting flight or in one of our signature cocktails.  

Our retail space is divided into several distinct zones that enable our facility to be used for multiple private events/parties at the same time, or to provide an incredibly unique multi-experiential facility for large corporate buyouts.  

Our Main Sources of Revenue:
1. Direct to Consumer Retail Operations are our main source of revenue.  About 50% of our income comes from food sales, and the remaining 50% is divided between beer/spirits/cocktails for on-site and to-go consumption.  In addition to operating a restaurant and bar, we have a full retail shop where guests can purchase our products to-go, and offer behind the scenes tours of our facilities on the weekends.  
Corporate events and buyouts are a huge part of our business model.  We are located on the ground floor of Adobe's headquarters and utilize our space for their team off-sites which are generally held multiple times per week.  Additionally, we are located in the heart of the Mission Bay, which is home to the offices of large tech companies including: Dropbox, Stripe, Pinterest, Square, Zynga, and many more.  
3. E-Commerce is a small portion of our business, but one that we have built out since COVID began.  We ship our beers and spirits throughout California.  
4. We offer Contract Manufacturing services when we have excess capacity available.  Currently we produce the house beer for the Eagle, Epicurean Trader, and produce beers for New World Ales.  
5. Distributed Beer Sales is the fastest growing component of our business.  Our beers are currently distributed to over 500 retail accounts in Northern California including all Total Wines, Bevmos, Whole Foods, and Raleys.  Three of our four core beers (Kolsch, Pilsner and IPA) were included in the Safeway Fall schematic for San Francisco, beginning in September. 

What we're Raising Capital For:

6. The addition of spirits + canned cocktail production + distribution

We are raising capital to begin producing and distributing our spirits and canned cocktails.  

Canned Cocktails is the fastest growing segment in the entire alcoholic beverages space.  

Because we already produce spirits, have the facilities and equipment to mix and can in-house, and have a distribution network established with major chain authorizations setup, we can enter into this rapidly growing category with very little additional capital.  

Applying the Craft Beer Model to Canned Cocktails:

Canned Cocktails are a very new category.  They were growing rapidly pre-COVID and were catapulted into the mainstream when bars and restaurants closed and grocery/retail sales soared during the pandemic.  

The category is largely dominated by macro players due to the incredibly high barriers to entry.  

Because macro players are dominating the space, there is no dominant "Craft" player, and the macro brands are sticking to what is safe and will sell well.  

Applying Hype to Canned Cocktails: 

Initially we will be launching our core lineup of canned cocktails to market, which will consist of three staple/safe cocktails: 1) A Vodka Mule made with our Vodka 2) a Whiskey Highball made with our Chocasmoke Whiskey 3) a Tequila Margarita made with a tequila we will begin importing from Mexico for this project.  

and one spirits based seltzer: 1) A Vodka "Seltzer" with Natural Watermelon.  

After our initial launch we will begin expanding our lineup of canned cocktails to apply the "Hype" of craft beer to canned cocktails.  By using this "Hype" model, we will alternate one recipe per month to keep our brand relevant and exciting, while keeping our customers engaged.  

This hype model will follow a similar tier structure to our beer's "Hype Can" model which is set as: 

Month 1) Tier 1: Kettle Sours
Month 2) Tier 2: IPA (6.8-8.4%)
Month 3) Tier 3: DIPA (8.5%+)

Similarly, our Hype "Canned Cocktail" model will be set as: 

Month 1) Tier 1: Spirits-based Seltzer 
Month 2) Tier 2: Clear-spirits Canned Cocktail
Month 3) Tier 3: Aged-spirits/Imported/Esoteric Spirits Canned Cocktails.