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Patented, Research-Backed Stress-Relief Device Creating a Paradigm Shift in the $5T Wellness Market


Priced Round
$18M pre-money valuation
$500, $1K, $2.5K, $3K, $5K, $10K, $25K, $250K


$5.32M revenues in 2023, Sold in 50+ countries
“A genius device” by Forbes & TIME Best Invention of 2022
58 million+ Sensate minutes delivered globally
Backed by 9 venture funds incl. TenOneTen, Unlock, Incisive, Expert DOJO & Dangerous

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The Patented, Research-Backed Stress-Relief Device Creating a Paradigm Shift in the $5T Wellness Market

Sensate is sold in 50+ countries and generated $5.32m in revenue in 2023. The previous funding round allowed the company to successfully roll out subscription, which has delivered both great value to Sensate users all over the world, as well as recurring revenues to the business.  We have also furthered our global expansion with new effective sales channels, and ensured improved product quality. 

This raise will enable Sensate to invest in the manufacturing, marketing & sales support needed to meet the increased demand for Sensate in the $5.46 Trillion wellness market. 

Sensate is a patented, research-backed infrasonic resonance system that delivers fast, effective stress relief. How? Sensate uses pure sound frequencies, from infrasound to the top end of the audible range, working through completely natural processes already present inside your body and nervous system, creating the conditions for calm without the usual requirement of years of meditation practice.


Stress has become a societal health crisis—and it’s only getting worse.

Global stress levels have risen steadily since 2018, and exploded since the pandemic -  driving feelings of helplessness and distress. In a 2022 study by the American Psychological Association, over 76% of American adults reported feeling negative health impacts caused by stress that disrupted their daily life.

Prolonged exposure to chronic stress can result in a cascading list of negative health outcomes, including depression, diabetes, heart disease, viral infection, and has even been linked to cancerous tumor development. Rates of chronic illness have increased steadily and are expected to grow as our population ages.

Popular solutions to stress reduction and relaxation—including mental health apps, therapy, medication, and meditation all have their place but aren’t solving the problem for the vast majority of people given they require discipline, ongoing practice and time or may be costly, difficult to use, or have side effects.

Sensate's patented relaxation device delivers effortless stress relief in as little as 10 minutes. All you have to do is lie down, turn it on, and let Sensate and your body do the work for you. We’ve created a more human and accessible approach to controlling stress by revolutionizing self-regulated relaxation, with life-changing short and long-term effects.

Sensate has simplified daily stress management for everyone. 

The Science of Sensate

Sensate uses the science of stress recovery to relax the sympathetic nervous system in as few as 10 minutes, improving long-term sleep and bolstering stress resilience. Sensate sessions provide measurable relief from the first session.

Sensate is Easy to Use 

Sensate is part of a consistent, long-term relaxation routine.

Developed in clinic based on decades of experience helping tens of thousands of patients with stress and trauma-related health conditions, Sensate’s innovative, patented device+app infrasonic solution is the first of its kind and offers a unique access to calming the nervous system. Rooted in ancient traditions and knowledge, Sensate uses modern technology to activate the body’s natural calming system.  

Sensate Works: the Proof is in Our Traction

Since launch in Q4 2019, Sensates has achieved over $15M in total revenues from over 50 countries around the world. 

Tools with the impact of Sensate are often kept behind clinic walls. Instead, we proved demand and impact with a focus on direct-to-consumer sales, seeing 100% YoY revenue growth for three years in a row 2019 - 2022. The Sensate device has a retail price of $299.

Next, we turned towards building out a subscription model to deepen user engagement, strengthen positive impact and create recurring revenue streams. With support from our first crowdfunding campaign - we launched our Plus subscription, in addition to the free version on iOS and Android in early 2023. 

The Sensate Plus subscription is $50/year and gives immediate access to a rich library of Sensate sessions beyond those available in the free option. The subscription has been hugely successful, with an attach rate over 50%, and user engagement over 200%!  In addition to these important strategic deliverables, we achieved revenues of $5.32M in 2023. The Plus subscription continues to be greatly successful, and from 2024 we start to have compounding annual renewals, growing the recurring revenues in addition to new customers.

The second part of 2023 was primarily focused on optimizations and improving efficiencies, both internally and in our sales & marketing channels. Since launching our B2B2C and affiliate partnerships, we have placed Sensate in Walmart, Best Buy, LifeMD, Harrods, Touch of Modern,, Biohacker Center and Spree Shop; increasing our reach and accelerating our growth. 

Sensate’s Future is Transformational 

Our traction validates what we already know; Sensate genuinely  works, serves an enormous market, and is needed by a very large number of people.  

Our trajectory through 2024 and beyond is set to transform Sensate into a global wellness brand. We look to build on the strength of the company through additional products, increased channels and accessibility, and an exponentially growing consumer base. For example, we project to grow our affiliate partnerships by 125% this year.

2023 already saw a healthy diversification of revenues, and as we continue to build partnerships, revenue streams, and complementary sales channels, we reach more people and accelerate towards our mission next year and beyond. 

With the growth of our subscription service, our margins are on track to significantly improve, maximizing profit per unit and enabling us to expand into other distribution channels in sectors that benefit from a high-adoption stress relief solution. 

Our Customers Around the World See Results

Research Studies Confirm what our Users Experience

See the full results of our four human research studies here

Media Interest & Exposure

Even Barbie benefits from Sensate, as we were thrilled to discover when we were mentioned in this Vogue article. 

Sensate has been mentioned over 400 times in the press, including featured in these notable publications:

In addition to great testimonials and prolific press, Sensate has been recognized with multiple awards.

The Wellness Market is Experiencing Explosive Growth

The global health and wellness market was valued at USD $5.46 Trillion in 2023 and is expected to reach over USD $13.89 Trillion by 2032 (*source).

Specifically, the Health and Wellness Devices segment (including fitness bands, trackers, and other wearable devices) is projected to expand from USD $0.4 Trillion in 2020 to USD $1.35 Trillion by 2026, with a robust CAGR of 23.3% in the forecast period. 

Sensate fits within this market as well as related wellness segments such as Personal Care & Beauty, Mental Wellness, High Performance, Recovery, Holistic Health, and Spas. While designed to be used easily by individuals in home settings, Sensate is also used in healthcare settings - as a General Wellness Product - in order to improve outcome of other treatments, as the ability to reduce stress is often a critical aspect determining the effectiveness of other interventions. 

We were excited to learn that Tracxn had independently rated Sensate a minicorn; a company on track to become a Unicorn. A Unicorn in the tech start-up world is a company reaching a $1B valuation.

Investor Confidence: Sensate's Performance and Growth Trajectory

Our investors are incredibly supportive and encouraged by the performance to date. We have a revenues-to-funds raised ratio of 200% (2:1). 70% of institutional investors have invested multiple times. 

Sensate has achieved numerous crucial startup milestones, demonstrating a successful product launch, effective commercialization strategies, and a strong product-market fit within an immeasurable market. The early traction has been very strong, validating the product offering's appeal to a wide audience.

Moreover, the year 2023 marked significant progress in diversification of distribution channels, enhancing operational efficiencies, and successfully introducing recurring revenues through our subscription offering.

At present, the company is poised to achieve cash break-even status and undergo substantial scaling. 

Your Investment Will Unlock the Next Milestone of Growth

We are at a pivotal moment in our growth. The Wefunder round will be used to invest in expanding our sales channels and securing our path to profitability. 

Our Experienced Team is Unmatched 

Our co-founders have the operational, scientific and business acumen to bring Sensate to the next level. Our global team of 27 full and part time members are located on three continents, keeping us close to our markets and supporting our expansion.  

What sets Sensate’s team apart is our emphasis on collaboration, proactive communication, and unwavering motivation, which drives our rapid success. Clear alignment on strategy throughout the organization, coupled with transparency and a dedication to individual growth opportunities, self-care, and high performance, translates directly to increased effectiveness as a team.

Our rockstar Advisory Board has the subject matter expertise, network connections and business track record to continue to guide Sensate to greater, more profitable heights. 

In addition to the experienced co-founders, the Board of Directors non-executive members bring the insight and experience of executive leadership at public companies, multiple exits, founding partners and serial CEO roles. Their steadfast support of Sensate in opening opportunities, informing strategic decisions, and facilitating connections enables bold moves with confidence.

How We Run This Company is How We Want the Future To Be

We believe in a future where massive commercial success leads to significant positive impact. The effectiveness of the business is driven by the smart use of technology and a highly motivated and constantly learning team. We believe in our product, and that motivates committed action and thoughtful decision-making. 

We’re scaling the company guided by the principles of conscious entrepreneurship - cultivating a culture that values a healthy and energized team.

Our company values in action:

Investor Perks

Join Our Mission to Bring Relaxation & Stress Relief to the World

We are thrilled to extend the opportunity once again to our users, fans, and supporters worldwide to become part of Sensate at this exciting stage in our journey. Together, we are empowering millions to enhance their stress self-regulation, resilience, and relaxation—not limited to those affluent enough to afford clinic treatments by specialists.

Investors who join this round will be in good company, participating in our success alongside  institutional VCs, financial institutions, and professional investors.