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Mari Walker is a Kerry and Los Angeles Film Festival award-winning filmmaker of THE SOUL OF A TREE and SWIM
The team behind SEE YOU THEN has made over 400K so far by Self-Distributing THUNDER ROAD in 2018-2019 alone
Our team collectively has worked on over 50 projects, been accepted into over 300 film festivals and won over 90 awards
We are at the forefront of social change with a group of filmmakers who aim to authentically represent that community with a fresh voice

Our Team

We feel this is a story that needs to be told now, when trans and Asian representation is reaching new heights. Our desire is to tell stories which allows minorities to see themselves on the screen. It is our most personal story, one that hasn’t been told on screen before.


The Story

Kris and Naomi haven’t seen each other since college. Over the course of one night, they engage in a series of increasingly intimate conversations until a shocking revelation sends everything spiraling out of control.

This intimate character study explores motherhood, femininity, and the intersection of personal life with art.

Our Audience

See You Then will engage audiences who love Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy, the films of Hirokazu Kore-Eda and Barry Jenkins. Our immersive cinematography and layered character studies will draw audiences into the conflicted emotional state of our leads.

Trans and Asian-American narratives are taking the spotlight at both the box office and film festivals, finding mainstream appeal and a passionate built-in audience. Movies like Crazy Rich Asians, Always Be My Maybe and The Farewell have capitalized on this previously untapped market. Similarly, stories centered around trans characters have found great success -- both on television with Orange is the New Black and Pose; and in movies such as A Fantastic Woman and Tangerine.

Our target audience combines these two vibrant demographics, while also speaking authentically to a larger audience. 

We will maintain a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, in order to connect to audiences. We will also engage with college groups and focus on urban markets with strong LGBTQIA+ and Asian-American presences like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Austin and Boston.

Our Business Plan

Our financing will go entirely towards the production of this film; our locations, camera, crew, and cast. Vanishing Angle will bring their expertise and industry relationships to the project, ensuring that we have the best possible festival run, release, and distribution.

Mari will be editing the project out of the Vanishing Angle offices and our contracts are organized to give investors privileged returns so that they will see their complete ROI before our team sees a dollar.

If the film comes in under budget, the remaining funds will be rolled into the digital marketing of the film, to maximize our festival premiere and the release of the film.

Mari directing on the set of Swim

Director's Statement

In 2014, I came out to my parents as trans. My dad offered some cautionary advice, saying that even if I transitioned, all of my personal issues wouldn’t suddenly disappear. At the time I didn’t want to believe him, but today his words ring true. Despite all of the positive effects transitioning has had on my life, I’m still a people pleaser, a workaholic, and someone who continues to struggle with body dysmorphia and depression.

Much of See You Then is born out of my personal experiences. For years, the guilt of leading-on my exes plagued me. At the time, it felt like those relationships were a life-line, a way to consider myself “normal.” Maybe — I told myself — maybe if I kept that relationship going and had a family, then that would prevent me from going down the path to my true self. Ultimately, that fantasy ended and a different sort of guilt and depression began to set in— the guilt and depression of never having my own family.

Children are an important part of my life and having grandchildren has always been a big dream of my parents. Choosing to transition meant that my chances of having children significantly dropped. It took me many years to admit that this was a possibility.

All of these thoughts were rolling around in my head as I began to conceptualize See You Then. The characters of Kris and Naomi slowly took shape, and I truly fell in love with them. For all of their insecurities and failings, these women are undeniably human.

See You Then centers around the universal truth that no matter how much we change, part of us will always remain the same.

- Mari Walker, Director & Co-Writer

Our Films

Our team has made a number of short and feature films, which have screened at major film festivals around the world and been released independently and through distribution companies like IFC Midnight and The Orchard. Please enjoy them here: 

Thunder Road & The Beta Test: Two Vanishing Angle Case Studies

Our production company Vanishing Angle produced, marketed, and distributed the feature film Thunder Road, which has made over $400,000 in its first year alone through self-distribution, doubling its budget in ticket sales during its first two weeks in French cinemas. The film also had a successful festival run, winning the Grand Jury Prize at South by Southwest in 2018, screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and winning awards at film festivals internationally.

The Beta Test crew filming in downtown Los Angeles

Vanishing Angle's next film The Beta Test raised $350,000 through Wefunder this summer, reinforcing the power of connecting to an audience directly for investment. The film is currently in production with an expected completion date in 2020.

The success of raising investment funds through WeFunder has inspired the team of See You Then to return to the platform.


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