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📈 Hardware and Software Product Company with high growth potential.
😬😡🤬 Porch Piracy is a HUGE problem and continues to grow with increased eCommerce deliveries.
💡We have an opportunity to save delivery companies over $20 Billion a year and provide peace of mind to consumers.
🤯 Market size 250+Million residences & 30+Million small businesses.

Our Team

Our founder saw a news story of a mother sending her 6-year daughter to steal packages off porches. This disturbed him and inspired him to come up with a solution to package theft.


The problem of "porch piracy" (package theft) is a serious and growing problem.

More and more consumers are doing more of their shopping online. The pandemic has accelerated this move to online purchasing.

There are BILLIONS OF DOLLARS being lost every year dealing with lost & stolen packages.

To hear a little more about why Securum Capsa was established, our progress to date, and our plans for the future, please watch the video below featuring a message from our founder, Carlos Raphael.



Unlike other products on the market that might have a few of the same features, the ZendoorA is the ONLY fully integrated Smart Box Locker that will provide the complete solution to help secure deliveries and provide peace of mind to consumers. The market size for the ZendoorA product alone, is 250+Million residences and 30+Million small businesses. Similar products only cater to single family residences (~135 Million) while ZendoorA can be secured to a porch, wall, gate or door at a home, condo or apartment, allowing our potential market size to be DOUBLE that of our competitors.

The ZendoorA is versatile and easy to use. In the video below, you can see the a short demonstration of how you would attach the ZendoorA to your front door and a quick tour of some of its other innovative features.



The MeddoorA is in a class of its own. We believe that there's nothing currently on the market that offers the protection and security for medical deliveries like nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical prescriptions and medicinal marijuana. The opportunity this presents in the medical industry alone makes us believe that there is HUGE potential with continuing to finalize our prototype and bring the MeddoorA Smart Box Locker to market.

The ePharmacy Market grew from $59 Billion in 2019 to over $68 Billion in 2020. And is projected to more than double in the next 5 years!

Some of the companies that now offer medical supply and pharmaceutical delivery are:

- Amazon
- Walgreens

Timely and safe delivery of many of these prescriptions are vital to patient health, and in some cases can create life or death situations. We believe Meddoora is THE solution to help keep these deliveries protected.

Other opportunities exist with the Veterans Administration... and in the large and expanding medicinal & recreational marijuana delivery space!

The team at Securum Capsa Inc is focused on bringing our revolutionary products, the ZendoorA and MeddoorA to market as soon as possible. We do have a larger vision for more innovative products that are currently in initial stages of concepting and development. Below are two examples that will give you a glimpse into the future of SCI.

Our current plans to utilize the funds raised during this equity crowdfunding campaign allocate dollars, approximately, as outlined below:

- 50% for Product Development, IP/Patents
- 16% for Sales & Marketing
- 20% for General & Administrative
- 14% for Payroll

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