Second Act Theatrical Capital

Broadway’s first Community-Based, BIPOC-led Producing Company

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 100 investors


Broadway grosses over $1.5 BILLION/YEAR. We are making it open to EVERYONE
Broadway investments usually start at $25k. We are lowering the barrier to entry to $500
Investors have a say in what shows we produce. Be a part of green-lighting a Broadway show!
‍Investors will be invited to exclusive industry events -- talkbacks, happy hours, classes

Our Team

You're invited to the future of Broadway!

We are Second Act Theatrical Capital (2ATC) – a BIPOC-founded company that produces and invests in commercial theatrical productions like Broadway shows. 

We specialize in working on shows that prioritize BIPOC narratives and creators, not just on the stage but behind as well. 

Like Hamilton and Ain't Too Proud - The Life and Times of the Temptations and Hadestown have proven, we believe that stories by or about or for BIPOC folks are not just necessary and important, but also exciting and profitable.

As an investor in 2ATC, you join a community and receive many exciting benefits from exclusive access to connecting with industry professionals and creatives to educational opportunities.


The need for disruption, support, and access to make Broadway a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable industry was clear; not simply to support marginalized folks who don't have the same opportunities but also to revitalize the entire industry and bring sustainability for the future of the art form. 

*AAPAC Visibility Report 2018-2019

We invite you to help us break open the gates of commercial theater producing & investing. For the first time ever, through 2ATC, investing in Broadway shows is open to anyone, and we envision this flood of new participation to be a bold, beautiful, and diverse one.


In 2018-2019, over 14 million people attended Broadway shows which led to a gross ticket revenue of over $1.5 billion. Broadway is poised to bounce back after the pandemic with fresh narratives to mee

t the world’s desire to gather and experience live events together.

*Broadway League ResearchThe Broadway ecosystem is a multi-billion dollar industry and is expected to grow. Until now, investment in this industry has only been available to a small group of people: high-net-worth individuals identified as accredited investors. 

It is time that this potential was opened up to all! 

From 2017-2019, ticket revenue grew between 5-17% year over year. Many shows bring in over a million dollars week-to-week in gross revenue. Those returns went to a small group of folks.

Over their lifetime, blockbuster shows can compete with the success of major corporations across industries. A few contemporary examples that prove Broadway can create global products are Hamilton with gross revenue of $646,653,776.25 and Dear Evan Hansen with a gross revenue reporting of $239,971,356.64. (*Grosses Data from Broadway Business)

A standard minimum investment for a single Broadway show starts at $25,000.Investing in 2ATC starts at $500.

Not only does 2ATC lower the threshold to becoming a stakeholder in Broadway by an unprecedented amount, investing in us gives you access to the potential returns of an entire (diversified) portfolio of productions. This is a stark difference from the traditional model which sets extremely high investment minimums to participate in a singular production; your risk is concentrated with all of your "eggs in one basket."

Investing in 2ATC now allows you to financially benefit from all future 2ATC productions over the course of the next 3-6 seasons.

Be in the room where it happens – make change with us now.

We built 2ATC specifically with BIPOC investors in mind. It's time to have new perspectives on the field!

As an investor in 2ATC, you have the opportunity to say what you'd like 2ATC to produce. This is more than just a financial investment. This is your opportunity to influence the cultural fabric of America and be a part of the future we are building.

For the regular American, many, if not all shows they see, whether it’s at the high school, community theater, or professional level started on Broadway.

Creating change at the Broadway level will have a powerful and lasting ripple effect throughout the theater industry as a whole and set precedents for markets nationwide


Who founded 2ATC?

Second Act Theatrical Capital (2ATC) is a subsidiary of The Industry Standard Group (TISG). TISG is a community organization that promotes diverse projects, increases the presence of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) investors & producers in the commercial producing field, & expands the opportunities that these communities are granted in the industry.

The founders of 2ATC & TISG are a decentralized leadership cohort of BIPOC producers in the commercial theatrical realm that bring expertise and experience from the highest level. We came together through a shared affinity and commonality of often being the only collaborator of color in many rooms on Broadway, and they sought to create change by re-imagining the pathways to participation within the decision-making levels of theater-making.

We've secured partnerships with top Broadway producers and will be working with them to produce the next hit Broadway shows. These producers have developed shows such as  Pass Over; the first show to reopen Broadway, the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Strange Loop,  the Tony Award-winning Hadestown, the Tony Award-winning Come from Away, and many others.



We are a mission-aligned group led by the belief in the potential for progress and change in our industry!

You should join us if:

  • You believe in more equitable producing and prioritizing underrepresented voices and BIPOC narratives and creators.
  • You are interested in learning more about commercial theater producing and investing and how the whole thing works.
  • You seek a mission-aligned community and want to network with a wide range of folks interested in theater.
  • You love theater and want to contribute to see meaningful change.
  • You want to put your money where your mouth is and you believe in the ability for new narratives to be financially successful