Akemi Tosto

The filmmaker behind the story of an ex-shelter dog’s quest to win back his owner's love by… turning into a human.

location: Los Angeles, CA

Company: AKT PICTURES LLC/When I Was A Human, The Movie

Role: Executive Producer, writer, director


We all crave stories that focus on our genuine and positive emotional connections of kindness and empathy. This film will remind us what love and acceptance can bring to our lives and mend our hearts.

On being a founder.

Being a woman founder from a different culture carries a certain responsibility, especially from a male-dominant society like in Japan. It is essential to achieve my company's success with extra mindfulness and keep the door open even wider for future women founders from all over the world.

Acquiring enough funds to keep moving the project forward has been one of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced but I would advise all young women entrepreneurs to never, never, NEVER give up!

My mom has always been my role model, she was literally a superwoman raising me, dealing with my dad, working full-time, taking care of her students, cooking three homemade meals daily AND taking care of all the house chores! My mom is my hero.