Aimy Steadman

1 of 3 millennial entrepreneurs disrupting the $1.5T global alcohol beverage industry.

location: Austin, TX

Company: BeatBox/Future Proof

Role: Executive Producer

On BeatBox/Future Proof.

As of October 2020, our brands generated over $6.8 million on a trailing 12-month basis. In October alone more than $1M of BeatBox Beverages shipped from our warehouse.

On being a founder.

Taking on the "woman founder" title means not only standing for your company, but the vision for inclusive leadership worldwide. Women founders have the unique opportunity to change their industries to be more inclusive of women or non-binary leaders, as well as founders from all diverse backgrounds – race and physical abilities included. As a female founder, I love being able to change the game and I’ve realised my "gentle" style of leadership is actually incredibly effective. I don't have to take on a different masculine persona to get things done.

In my industry, small brands face huge competition to gain and remain on retail shelves. The flywheel is now spinning for Future/Proof, but it is the result of extremely hard work from my team over the past several years. We’ve built our brand authentically through independent retailers, regional chains, and then national chains.

I owe a lot of my success to learning early on that I love my business and it's a huge part of me, but it's not my entire identity. That perspective helps me handle the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur in a healthier way.

Aspiring young women entrepreneurs should really make use of the community because it is their super power as entrepreneurs. Network and join groups to surround yourself with best-in-class thinkers in your industry. My close entrepreneur community in Austin helps me navigate through the tough times and they are also who I celebrate my wins with.