Seattle Gummy Company

Delivering functional healthcare with gummies instead of pills

Last Funded March 2022


raised from 146 investors
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Pill protestors rejoice, no more swallowing horse pill, no more sticky spilly syrup
Received the IND approval from FDA on the world first ever gummy medicine
10+ gummy medicine developed, 5 in FDA approval process, and 16+ functional gummy products in stores
70+ Patent filings with 40+ patents pending and 30 International Trademarks

Our Team

SGC got started with a simple notion – just so kid can take medications. Young kids cannot swallow. Syrup is hard to measure and accurately dose. Then I found out that a large population of older folks can't swallow either. Actually, 30% of the adults in US have problems swallowing. We made gummy medicine just so people can take medications.