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👩🏽‍🔬We're a non-toxic hair care line with an innovative collection of CBD infused products.
🏆Winner of EforAll Accelerator Pitch Competition and Level Pitch Competition.
💸 We're pre-revenue with a current waitlist.
💼 We're a Woman and Black-Owned Business. Our founder, Dr. Ellana Stinson, is an EM physician.

Our Founder

After studying the properties of CBD for the past few years and struggling for several decades to finding the right products for my hair to maintain healthy hair, I decided to take matters into my own hands. With few true CBD hair products catering to African Americans, I knew others who felt ignored in this industry would benefit from this idea.

Our Deck

The Black Woman Who Started It All:

Ellana Stinson

CEO + Founder

At our core, Safo Hair believes in health and healing from the root.

We have a lifelong relationship with our hair. We're there for the good days, the bad days, and the 'I don't even know what to do with you days.' What matters most to us is that our hair is healthy.

After years of struggling with hair and scalp I sought out the top-rated dermatologist only to find that they had no products that focused on the health and healing of Black hair. As an Emergency Room Physician, I know It’s more than just treating the symptoms.

As the conversation around the benefits of CBD grew in the U.S., I became inspired by her own roots and started experimenting and researching the benefits of CBD for Black hair. I quickly saw improvements with her own hair health and she shared the recipe with her family and friends.

Now I’ve created Safo Hair - a clean, non-toxic hair care line focused on getting back to your roots and having healthy hair.

Safo Hair is a clean, non-toxic hair care line infused with CBD for the conscious consumer seeking to restore health and hydration to their hair and scalp. Our products are uniquely formulated to address dry hair, hair thinning, and breakage leaving the hair and scalp hydrated and healthy.

Safo hair was born out of years of frustration feeling left out of the hair and beauty industry.

We're for the People

The hair care industry is notorious for not catering to the African-American population - the U.S. subgroup with the highest spend in hair care products year after year. There also weren’t many products on the market catered to treat dry, brittle, damaged, and thinning hair from its core issues. Additionally, with the growth of CBD use in this country, there is a disproportionate number of CBD companies or companies utilizing the benefits of CBD owned by Black and Brown people.

Let’s get to the root of it: We’re here for the people. We’re creating a clean, non-toxic hair care brand powered by the healing benefits of CBD to repair, restore, and rejuvenate Black hair.

We know this customer and our product is about healing from the core. We’re creating hair care product systems and rituals that will address her root concerns and providing educational content to empower her relationship with her entire wellness lifestyle 

We're the Solution 🏭 

Our understanding of chemical compounds, hair types, and the physiology of the scalp and hair addresses the needs in Black communities that feel there are no products available to address their hair care needs that are also clean, non-toxic. We understand the need to educate consumers on their overall health and self-care as a means to address their hair care concerns. With our cross-product offering or hair care rituals, we bring both the physical product and our educational platform together.

Safo Hair will empower consumers to take control of what many may consider impossible and frustrating hair care issues. Oftentimes these are linked to vitamin/nutrient deficiencies or even medical issues that most medical professionals are not trained to address in the African American population. Safo Hair wants to be that solution. The Safo approach will emphasize the need to bring the consumer's hair care routine into their self-care routine and ensure they fall in love with their hair again.

What The People Have to Say

We’re creating a product that people love. We’re focused on creating a product that directly impacts scalp and hair restoration using CBD as a priority ingredient.

CBD is:

  • Safe, Nutrient Dense Ingredient
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial which helps restore damaged hair and scalp
  • Rich in Antioxidant and Fatty Acids which aids in repairing damaged hair

We are so proud of our products that undergo stringent testing to ensure the safety and efficiency to enhance our customer's experience. Our Safo Hair educational platform allows us to provide each customer with a ritual for using her Safo Hair product and empowers her to take a proactive approach to her hair and overall healthcare.

Safo Hair is under a direct-to-consumer distribution model. We focus on sales directly through our platform and recently jumped into a secondary market focused on building a sales pipeline through independent salons. This allows us to get to know our customers 1:1 and build an engaging community focused on her hair and scalp health.

Her Hair is Her Crown

Yaresafo is synonymous with healing. As a brand, we’re getting to the root of hair health because we know how important good days are. You move through the world differently when your hair looks good and as a company, we want to bring that good hair day feeling to everyone we meet.

We believe in healing. Our customized hair care products and ritual systems are designed to allow each customer time for self-care and wellness and start the conversation on how to manage your overall health with an aim to effectively address health care disparities globally.

With Your Investment. 🙌

  • Focusing on Research & the Development of New Products
  • Getting Products in the Hands of Consumers with Manufacturing & Inventory Management
  • Investing in Top Talent By Bringing on a Sales Manager + Creative Team

Your Investment furthers our mission to get Safo Hair into the hands of clean-conscious consumers everywhere who are focused on scalp and hair health. We want to focus on access and education with simple to use, quality-organic products. Your Investment will allow us to focus on building a team of top talent that represents us and our target consumer. We’re consciously focused on creating a better world with more opportunity.

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